matsuiland vs toriitown, road trips and shattered playoff dreams

In case you didn’t know, Matsuiland started in Anaheim while Hideki Matsui was a member of the Angels. Ross(who is a buddy of mine who sits out in the Bleachers) got in contact with the Claude(the founding member of Matsuiland) and he eventually made A’s versions of the signs since Hideki Matsui signed with the A’s. Claude and his crew flew down to Oakland where we eventually first got the signs on Opening Night. 

Ever since then Claude has been trying to get us to take a trip up to Angel Stadium in Anaheim. Nobody could take the trip during the first part of the season due to other responsibilities, however we eventually decided to go the weekend of the last A’s home game. 

17 members from the RF Bleachers had a plan to go early Saturday morning. However Tony and I decided to go Friday night. Did I mention that Friday was the day Moneyball was out and 25+ of us Bleacher Bums went out to see it?

Fast Forward to 10:00 Friday night after Moneyball, Tony and I were on our way to Anaheim. 

Fast Forward to Saturday.

Claude and the rest of Toriitown were awesome. Even though we hate the Angels, tney were extremely hospitable and hosted a tailgate for us. 

Claude brought out the original Matsuiland sign and we took a picture with the current one.

Toriitown and Matsuiland signs

we even remixed the signs

If you watched the game on Saturday and Sunday, you may have see the sign or heard us. We made it on TV

Earlier this year(in May), Torii Hunter said he would bring us Popeye’s in one of our random conversations we had during the season. We took it to the next level, Torii loved it.

The whole weekend was so much fun. Angel Stadium is such a nice stadium with a great staff. Even though I hate the team, the fans I talked to down there made it hard to hate them that much. There was mutual respect the whole weekend. 

The highlight of the weekend was capped off when the A’s pretty much ended the Angels playoff push on Sunday with a late inning rally. Our group took over the whole section with “Let’s Go Oakland” chants. It was awesome. Thank you Anaheim, we plan on being back next season even if this was the last time we could hold up the Matsuiland sign.