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Just a reminder that Harada-hen comes out on BR and DVD this week!! ^w^

I preordered a copy from @sambart93, and now I just have to pay the shipping. I’ve been waiting for three months and I am so excited!

Anyone up for gushing over extras with me? ;D ^w^ 🎉

Matsuda’s treatment of women

Okay, I’ve been thinking for some time because over the past few months I’ve seen a few posts going in the direction of ‘Matsuda would never be like this to women, he treats women well’ and it made me go ???? each time.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t meant to be character hate. I think well-placed character flaws can be more amazing than character strengths when it comes to overall character perception. Matsuda is quite 3-dimensional and interestingly written - he’s got a ton of good qualities as I’m sure you all realize. There’s been a lot of Matsuda love in the last half-a-year after all.
But Matsuda isn’t all perfect - and that makes him human. Pointing out flaws isn’t hating someone, it is also part of perceiving them as a whole. I always encourage doing that with every character.
Point out good traits of characters you dislike overall. Point out bad traits of characters you like. Things like that.

So here we go: honestly, Matsuda’s treatment of female characters isn’t among his stellar qualities for sure. (Nor those of most other characters, but this isn’t about them.)

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