[DOWNLOAD] Dansui episode 1 english sub

I have finally finished the first episode! Woooo!

There probably is the odd translation error (especially with names) so if you spot any please tell me.

This time it is a hard sub but if anyone wants the soft sub file please tell me and I can give it you.


No reuploading and enjoy ^.^


Drama「Dansui!」CD&BD,DVD First Volume Trailer Video

The song playing in the trailer is called 「Growing up! Go on!」 which is the ending theme song for the drama and is sung by the Dansui! All Stars which comprises of the 10 casts.

Don’t forget that Dansui! will start airing on Nihon Terebi on 21st January at 24:55 and every saturday after that.
This drama comprises of 8 episodes!


LSW Stage Play Cast Appreciation:
     Marimura Kaoru (Born on February 20)
     [Awashima Seri and Fushimi Kisa’s actress]