[ Documentary ] Swordsmith Matsuba Kunimasa

Short documentary about the swordsmith Matsuba Kunimasa.

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Butler Voices
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Prologue Movie

Here’s what the 5 butlers from Midnight 0:00 True Face of Butler sounds like.

They do talk more, but I only recorded them introducing themselves.  

Credit goes to Voltage Inc.

Introducing the guys from 深夜0時★素顔の執事 

                   Yuma Akagi (Red hair guy)
                   Aoi Shirafuji (Silver/Gray hair guy)
                   Tomoki Matsuba (Black hair guy with glasses)
                   Kyo Aizawa (Black hair guy)
                   Itsuki Matsuba (Blonde? Light brown? hair guy)

Who will you choose?

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             Scandal In The Spotlight

Credit - Goes to Voltage Inc.

Sorry about the bad quality.