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Mats Hummels as Ekans please

Hi anon, guess what?

Mats WAS Ekans

Inspired by that Mats twitter post “Depends…what is 1 and what is 10? Maybe earthworm (1) to Python (10)?” I initially did it partly to troll my friend who is a Mats fan XD Needless to say she wasn’t impressed with it :p I switched it to a Weedle because I feel like Mats, in reality, is probably more of an earthworm than a python XD He wanted us to think he’s a python XD Also my friend prefers Weedle as it evolves into a Beedrill (although he’s no more a bee but he was a bee)

But whatever I think isn’t really important and you can always name him any Pokemon you like :)

Or maybe I should ask another Mats expert. @bayermund Opinions?


dancing as teambuilding experience

on wednesday evening the german players were visited by a group of professional dancers. they invited the woman for a 2 hour dance lesson, the players especially wanted to train discofox and salsa. the whole squad took part in the event, the coaching staff was not invited. at the end of the lesson, the new team members julian weigl and bernd leno had to dance alone, getting cheers from the crowd. 

the dancer’s coach said afterwards: “leroy sane was superb at salsa, toni kroos has a great rhythm and thomas müller was very curious and willing to learn.” they also said bastian schweinsteiger wanted to add an extra lesson. 

which would explain this from the training yesterday:

basti and thomas :)