Mats Hummels Blurb

Prompt - Important moments with your son.

Mats would be incredibly protective and proud of his son. Even as his son got into his teenage years Mats would still be turning up at his football games and shouting encouragement. But Mats pride and proudness would burst when he discovered that his boy would be captaining his Under 16′s football team in their league final. 

His son played striker, which had always worked out incredibly well because his son could attempt to get the ball past Mats, putting him head and shoulders above his team in terms of skill. 

Mats and his wife sat on the front row of the bleachers, their eyes completely focused on their boy. Mats would be yelling anything that came into his mind whenever his son touched the ball, causing his wife to hush him and cover her face in embarrassment. 

When his son scored Mats would go insane. He’d yell and tell anyone who would listen “That’s my son!”. Their son remained focused on the game, only focusing on getting the ball into the opposite teams net. 

When the final whistle blew the score was 3-0, with Mats’ son scoring all three goals. Mats abandoned his wife on the bleachers and ran down to the pitch to celebrate with his boy. 

A Mats Hummels OS: Two Psychos

for the lovely aliyah i had kept waiting for weeks 

Maybe he should stopped staring fifteen minutes ago, when one of his teammates pulled on his tee and asked him to “stop being such a pussy and man up before anyone else snatches her” and rolled his eyes afterward to emphasize how annoyed he was. And maybe he should have listened – he had been watching and following her for hours after all. Some would have used the word “stalker” – some even did. Mats did preferred the word “observer”. And he did observe, especially her warm smile. And eyes. And body. Usually, he would have already talked to her, and by now, they would have already disappeared in one of the bedrooms. Now, all he did was admire her from afar. And think of all the things he would do to her. 

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