A little collection of my favorite celebration pics from tonight

Today I don’t care what has been going on this season.
Today I don’t care about all the things that make me question the people that rule this club.
Today I only care about this single game and that game makes me a proud Bayern fan.

That’s why I would like to say thank you to the whole team today.
Thank you to Fips for being the best captain the football world has ever seen.
Thank you to every single player actively playing today, especially to the ones who despite lacking in match practice played so well.
Thank you to every single player benched today for the smiles and the support, especially to the maestro himself, Mr. Alonso.
Thank you to the players who couldn’t celebrate with the team yet for celebrating with us via social media nevertheless.
And thank you even to the trainer team for providing me with new hope for the next season today.

Mia San Mia,
Mia 5an Mia,
Thank you FCB


Same Best-Friend; Mutual Crush *Mats Hummels and Olivier Giroud imagine* 


“Get out Olivier” I said pushing him

He just chuckled, standing still. “Y/N there’s nothing you can do that’s going to get me to move from here” He said

I groaned rolling my eyes, “Mats! Come and take your friend before I have to hurt him physically” I said

Olivier turned around placing a hand over his heart, “I’m hurt Y/N I thought we were best-friends, I didn’t know this is how you see me” He said

I shook my head at him, “If you’d let me do my business then I would call you my best-friend but seeing as you’re stopping me from that I can’t give you a title” I said

Olivier looked at me weirdly before speaking, “That doesn’t make any-OW!Dude that’s my ear” he said trying to get Mats off of him

“The lady says she wants to do her business can’t you just let her do what she gotta do?” He asked 

Olivier nodded but stopped once he realized that , that would only hurt his ear more. “Alright, alright I’ll stop I’ll leave the room with you just let go of my ear damnit” 

Mats nodded his head before releasing his ear. I chuckled before closing the door, and going to take a shower. Right now my two best-friends, Olivier and Mats were over and we were going to go to the mall so they could buy some new things but I needed to take a shower first. 


When I got out of the shower I changed into my clothes, and when I came out Olivier had Mats in a headlock. I shook my head, “You two look more like children than men” I said walking into the kitchen

Olivier chuckled, “If he’d tap out then we’d know who the real man is” He said

Mats grunted, before eventually getting out of Olivier’s headlock. I chuckled, “Are you guys ready to go?” I asked

They got up from the floor, and we all made our way to the mall. Once we got there, we went into the usual stores for both Olivier and Mats; Footlocker, Vans, Zoomies, and Lids. And after that we headed into Old Navy, “What about this?” I asked picking up a pair of ripped jeans

Mats raised an eyebrow, “They look nice” He said

I smiled, “I hope you’re putting those back” Olivier said walking over

“And why would I put them back?”

“Because everyone will be staring at the holes in the pants, and then they’ll think it’s okay to talk to my gi-friend” He said

Mats chuckled, “Smooth” 

“Olivier they’re ripped jeans I think that’s kind of the point you know?”

He shook his head, and went over to the rack picking up other clothes and handing them to me. “Are you trying to dress her up like a nun?” Mats asked pushing him and looking through the racks as well.

“I’m trying not to let anyone look her way” He said

“You’re being ridiculous” Mats said turning to face Olivier. “No you’re the one being ridiculous” Olivier retorted getting in Mats face.

Before anything else could escalate I went in between the two, and at a time like this being short was somewhat a blessing. “Okay princesses you’re both pretty” I said

They continued to stare each other down before sighing and stepping back. I raised an eyebrow, and looked between them. “Now back to the original conversation, I’m getting these jeans and that shirt I’ll be right back. So please try not to hit each other while I’m gone” I said

I went to pay for my things, and when I walked back over to them they were sitting down on one of the benches looking like children who’d just gotten in trouble. I chuckled, “Finished” I said

The three of us walked over to the food-court and split up each getting different things, but meeting back up at the table. “Crap I forgot something I’m going to be right back” I said as I stood up, “Don’t touch my food” I said

The boys chuckled, “No promises” Olivier said

I sighed and made my way over to the counter to get napkins and forks, as I made my way back to the table I stopped once I’d heard the guys talking. “We can’t keep doing this Mats” Olivier said

Mats sighed, “I agree” 

“By this rate we’re going to end up beating the crap out of each other”He said

Mats looked over to Olivier, “Then what do we do? I mean we can’t not tell her” 

“I know but if she finds out she’s not going to want to be friends with the both of us, and then eventually she’ll chose one which is going to drive the other insane” 

Mats ran a hand down his face, who were they talking about? “Look we’re going to have to find a way to tell Y/N that we both like her without her freaking out or hitting one of us” Mats said