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All I can think about is how Steph mentioned that she and Mat were friends for a year before they even started dating and how They are literally the definition of slow burn friends to lovers goals like oh my god


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“I want a baby.”

My mind is so foggy and so distracted by the feeling of his lips on my skin, leaving a wet trail of kisses down my stomach, that it takes several moments for my brain to even process what he’s said.

He wants a baby. With me, I’m assuming, since I’m in his bed right now.

We haven’t talked about having kids. Ever. It’s never even popped up in passing conversation – or at least, I can’t remember the topic ever coming up, but we’ve had so many conversations over the past few years that I could have easily forgotten. But still – a baby? His confession comes as such a shock that I don’t even know how to respond, and he notices the silence.

He sighs and leans up so he’s sitting back on his legs. He trails his hands up my thighs before removing them from my body and placing them in his lap.

“Well, say something,” he says.

“Um – what?”

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Mat Barzal - Short Drabble #85

“For the drabble thing: Could you do 85 with Mat Barzal please?”

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You were so excited you were practically jumping out of your skin.  Today was the day you had finally arrived in Montreal to watch your boyfriend, Mat Barzal, play in the gold medal game.   You had just finished checking in and were waiting for the elevator to arrive when your phone rang.  

“Dial a hooker, what’s your pleasure” you answered knowing it was Mat calling to make sure you had made it ok.  

“Well, I’d like to start with a trip around the world” He teased right back.

“ that will be extra” you kept it going for a min longer.

“how was your flight in?” he inquired.

“long, with a little turbulence but I’m good now, just got to the hotel but it looks sketchier than it did on the website.” Walking through the lobby you had notice some things were not quite what they should be but you were only staying a short time so you were going to give it a chance. “how was practice?”

“it was good.” Finally the elevator came and you listened to him talk about the pranks he pulled on some of the guys and all the drama of the team as you got off the elevator on your floor and walked down the hall to your room.

“sounds like you guys are really bonding and having a good time” you said as you opened the door to your room.   Was that smell coming from the room? You walked over towards the bed to set your bag down on it but stopped short.  

“OH MY GOD….” You breathed out.

“what? Whats wrong?” Mat asked a little panicked.

“ugh.. These sheets are stained and they have a foul order coming from them.” You complained.

“That’s disgusting” Mat replied.  “look my hotel is really nice and I have two beds in my room.  I told you before you booked your room that you could stay with me. Why don’t you get your money back and come over here.”

You hesitated for a moment. This hotel was nasty but what if they lost the game because Mat was distracted.

“And before you even think about uttering the word distraction. You wont be.  I’ve told you that several times. I play better when your around.”

“Ok, fine but I’m sleeping in my own bed so you can get a good nights sleep.” You relented.

“deal” Mat all but shouted excited to see you.