Anonymous asked you:Can you do a matryoshka/homestuck crossover?

I should stop trying to cram drawings into tiny canvases. This request has been in my inbox for a while, and since I’m getting to that point in the semester where I’d rather draw anything if it means procrastinating on everything important I thought it was about time I get back to requests I owe people from a while ago. Maybe take some more or do art trades or something to celebrate another follower milestone. 


this is it. my greatest contribution to the fandom and CronKringdom in particular. OTL

please enjoy~!

katcoo13  asked:

i was wondering if you could make a reference for your Matryoshka-stuck roxy?? i really want to cosplay her! c:

i’m sorry for the late reply, but this is pretty much all i can do for making refs!

Q n Q) 

roxy’s outfit should be pretty easy to make! it shouldn’t be as complex as some of my earlier designs for other characters uwu) oh! and the hoodie-vest + orange shirt inside vest should be two separate articles of clothing, not one 0-: and! i think mis-matched pink and blue tube socks + black leggings beneath the skirt would be a good replacement if you don’t find thigh-high stripes uwu