matryoshka kankri

Frankly, my dear, I d9n’t give a damn.

#9pini9ns #min9r t9pics #n9w where were we

he wouldn’t listen. he wouldn’t see. he would only talk.


this is it. my greatest contribution to the fandom and CronKringdom in particular. OTL

please enjoy~!

[24 июля 2014 г. 14:43] Маг Пунктуации: *включает-выключает видимость группы слоёв второй версии.* как неоновая подсветка, чесслово. :DD

back when the project was in progress.

EDIT: as someone was wondering, the quote reads as follows:

[July 24th, 2014 14:43] Mage of Punctuation: *turns the visibility of the second version’s layer group on and off.* like neon lighting, tbh. :DD