Gumi fan art in progress!! 
sorry i haven’t been updating anything in a while been kinda tied down due to school work, i can’t promise a regular schedule of at least 2 posts a week or something along those lines but ill try to be more active! :) 

i’m kinda doing this in a weird order since i don’t have a lot of time on my hands and just wanted to experiment with colour and see how it would turn out, but hey, i’m happy with it so far. still not sure if i wanna complete it at this point but eh it was still a fun bit of practice

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Matryoshka dolls are already more than they seem, simply because each exquisite dolls contains another, smaller doll. But in Japan some of these nesting dolls have an even bigger secret: their inner dolls have been replaced with electronics, turning them into some of the cutest, strangest theramins we’ve ever seen called the Matryomin QT. Designed by Japanese thereminist Masami Takeuchi, each handmade Matryoshka contains a miniature pitch-only theramin. No two instruments are exactly alike.

A group of talented musicians in Japan, the Matryomin ensemble, have mastered this unusual instrument and use it to perform familiar pieces of music that sound like nothing you’ve ever heard when played on little wooden dolls. What’s more, because they don’t actually need to touch the Matryomin in order to play them, they all look like magicians conjuring up unearthly sounds out of the air. Here you can watch them perform Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”:

Visit the Matryomin ensemble’s YouTube channel for many more videos of the their marvelous performances.

If you’d like a musical Matryoshka of you own, the Matryomin QT is currently available to order via JapanTrendShop.

[via mental_floss and JapanTrendShop]

DIY Zombie Nesting Dolls. I posted these nesting dolls about 3 years ago ($100 from Etsy Store PsandQx that is now gone). I found these blank nesting dolls from Golden Cockerel here.  You can get huge expensive sets or cheap small ones - just google “Russian Nesting Dolls”.  Paint, decoupage or Sharpie your zombies (make sure sharpies don’t bleed by testing them on the bottom).