Matryoshka- ジギル ver

They changed the pitch, and it sounds very cool!

The Signs As Quotes from Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812
  • Aries: O Pierre! Our merry feasting crank
  • Taurus: And your childlike eyes, and your distant smile
  • Gemini: A letter which I composed
  • Cancer: Charmante, charmante
  • Leo: Chandeleirs and caviar, the war can't touch us here
  • Virgo: Cousin dear, I love you, trust no one but you
  • Libra: Goodbye Matryosha, kiss me on last time, whoa
  • Scorpio: My handsome lips mutter something tender to myself
  • Sagittarius: Driving mad at 12 miles an hour
  • Capricorn: I drink and read and drink
  • Aquarius: I throw my fur coat on my shoulders, unable to find the sleeves
  • Pisces: And Andrey isn't here