matroyshka doll

Realistically, if a person had an option to consent to be governed; as in they were given the option to essentially sign a 5 or 10-year contractual agreement with set terms, rules and protections; including the requirement to pay taxes, I’d argue as long as there was a baseline series of rights afforded to all peoples, enfranchised and not, that it’d be a viable system of government. 

The issue is, this is a difficult thing to set up and an even harder thing to maintain, because it’d really quickly enforce an ingroup-outgroup dynamic that’d hurt people. 

Maybe treat it like a matroyshka doll? On the innermost is the individual with inherent rights that cannot be infringed; with no possible determination between peoples, and then outside of that is the protection/responsibilities of the citizen? 

Still, it’s a risky situation, especially if they push the “cost” of being a voting citizen up and up; eventually you’ll end up with a patrician/plebeian situation.

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  • a matroyshka doll of fast: Spiders and BDSM
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  • Jupies#5874: Okay mostly bad things, but some good things, I revise my statement

I can’t…i can’t even fucking advocate for trump’s assassination cause then we’ll just be stuck with mike fucking pence and if HE gets bumped off we’ll be stuck with paul ryan it’s like a fucking Matroyshka Doll of shitty psychopaths