Her hidden Child a BBRAE story. Chapter 4

Beast Boy can’t get the little girl that he saved from the fire out of his head, so to find her he turns to an unlikely source to help find the girl, and hopefully figure out what their connection is.

Chapter 4: Cambion

2 Weeks after the fire.

“LETS GET THIS PARTY STARTED!” Shouted a very enthusiastic Bumble Bee. The Titans girls, which consisted of Bumble Bee, Starfire and Terra, plus Cyborg’s girlfriend, Sarah, began pouring into the common room, but everyone stepped aside for the lady of the hour. Jinx, who was wearing a sash and a tiara that said in big bright pink letters, BRIDE TO BE, echoed Bumble Bee’s statement with a whoop and a holler.

“Come on Titanettes! It’s my last night as a single lady!”

Starfire lifted the pink haired bride-to-be into the air with a spin. “Oh yes, then on the morrow you will be joined in the holiest of matromonies to friend Kid Flash!”

Jinx chuckled as she was set down. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, but until then, WE PARTY!”

Sarah came up behind the group. “Finally I’ll get to see how Superheroes party it up.”

“Come and get ‘em!” From the kitchen, Terra filled some small glasses full of some alcoholic beverage.

The girls approached ready to get after the shots, but Jinx held back. “Hold on, we can’t start without Kole. Where is she?”

Starfire giggled with a sly, knowing look. “She is with her new boyfriend.”

Terra gawked. “Really? Well it’s about time.”

“Wa-wait, whose her knew beau? I wasn’t even aware she was interested in anyone. Ya know … after Joey.” Bumble Bee asked, everyone’s faces dropping slightly once the deceased Titan was brought up. But the frowns were turned upside down once the common room doors opened.

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If I had But One Wish

~If I had but one wish

my wish would be of you~

~To kiss your sweet in pouting lips

would be my wish come true~

~To walk with you in holding hands

as lovers often do~

~Barefoot in the Ocean’s sand

would be my wish come true~

~To know the tender of your touch

lying next to you~

~To hear you say three words of love

would be my wish come true~

~To ask in that be of your hand

hear you say I do~

~To know in that I am your man

would be my wish come true~

~In fifty years to celebrate

in that of kissing you~

~Locked in that of full embrace

would be my wish come true~

~My every wish upon of star

is only that of you~

~Marry me in fill my heart

make my wish come true~

Duke Sherman