i just used voice to text in google docs to write an entire essay and i feel like i am in the future. i can see the matrix code i am one within the stars that span across the cyberspace

peetabreadgirl  asked:

5 & 23 😘 thanks for the ask, btw. I think a little vamp Peeta is just what I need to write.

While I would like to claim that I was saving this prompt (neighbors: “So we meet again”) for something special, @peetabreadgirl, I think we both know it was just a lack of motivation or inspiration. However, you’ll forgive me cuz I know you want firefighter!Peeta. ;-) Part 1 can be found HERE. Part 3 to follow soon. Title is a shameless pun. RATED M for smut. Sort of.

Come On Baby, Light My Fire

I have metamorphosed into a perverted incarnation of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

On Saturday, I spend the day much as I spend most of my Saturdays. A date with my leftovers from Friday night, papers to grade in the morning, and a movie over the phone with my little sister Prim. Up this week is her selection, The Matrix: Reloaded. I honestly don’t know why she’s so into that trilogy, but the tradition is an old one so I am not allowed to argue her choice.

“I never understood this part,” I mumble into the phone on Saturday as Neo dips his fingers into Trinity’s abdomen to retrieve a bullet. “Also, the dialogue sucks.”

“Shhhhh,” Prim hisses. “It’s romantic.”

“It’s lame,” I respond, and Prim snorts.

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