i just used voice to text in google docs to write an entire essay and i feel like i am in the future. i can see the matrix code i am one within the stars that span across the cyberspace

Dymm masterpost explanation:

For those asking, “Dymm” was a blog that popped up earlier today and deleted itself a few hours after its conception. Assuming “Dymm” stands for “Did you miss me,” the blog consisted of a giant text post with the words “Miss me?” repeated over and over again, giving some people the idea that it was supposed to be a blog run by Moriarty. The blog’s avatar was a recreation of the wall smiley in Sherlock and John’s flat. After the giant text post, a short video was posted with a picture of a television rainbow screen and a long beeping noise. After that, the blog briefly displayed a Matrix code theme before it deleted itself. The blog sent random messages to Sherlock/TJLC blogs on and off anon. Some of the messages were simply smiley faces, others were written in Morse code with messages like “The soldier is drowning” in between English words like “It’s raining, it’s pouring, Sherlock is boring.” I can’t remember who, but someone got a message saying something like, “The bullet burns a hole. You’ll know in three hours.” (That is not the exact quote. There were also other messages that I did not see.) The account information said the blog was created on 12/29/16 in Europe/Dublin. It also said the blog had an average of 11.7 posts per day that went up to 13.4 at one point. (Not sure how this was possible if the blog was created today and deleted shortly thereafter, though I suspect the blog had a queue of posts lined up.) Some are saying it was just a Russian prank, some are saying it was a marketing ploy sponsored by the BBC and is worth following, and others are unsure of its origin or intentions. Either way, it was pure tomfuckery. If anyone has anything else to add, please feel free to do so.