Glitch In The Matrix Stories #10

Saw My Dad In An Alternative Reality

One Friday afternoon in March 2013, I just got dropped off in town from my nature group. I couldn’t be bothered waiting on the bus home as it only comes once an hour, so decided to walk down to the phone box and call a taxi. As I was walking down the street a car tooted its horn at me and stopped, I turned to see it was my dad in a small white work van with someone with a cap on. I assume he was dropping off his workmate. 

He made a side thumb gesture at me, to behind him. I’m not sure if this meant, get in the back of the van or wait at the corner and I’ll give you a lift home? I just smiled and waved, as I just wanted to get a taxi out, so I walked on, then he drove off.

A couple of hours later my dad got home, and I told him I just got a taxi out when I saw him earlier. Then he got confused, and said he was never in that town, in the small white van, and that he’d never saw me. I thought he was winding me up, but he was pretty sure. Also earlier he was wearing a blue t-shirt, but when he got home he was in his orange work overalls, and pretty sure he had a different t-shirt underneath. This has been puzzling me ever since.

Credits to: RabTheCrab

A Wikipedia Page That Near Predicted/Guessed My Entire Life

My sister and I where at my father’s house for the weekend. I was around 9-10 and my sister was around 7-8. We had a friend over we played around for a while and after all that we sat around in the lounge room watching TV. Our friend as a joke looks up her name on Google and tells us she’s a world renown scientist according to Google. We laugh, then my sister looks up her name on Google she’s a chief in a local restaurant in Iceland. We laugh again, then I look up my name while our friend and my sister talk and mess around on the couch. 

I click the first link, which was a Wiki page. The first thing that catches my attention was a photo on the side of the text- a black and white photo of my mother holding me as a baby in her lap while sitting in those big white peacock chairs. We seem to be sitting in a park of some sort while a flowery vine is just touching the side of the chair from a Lilly tree. Now this photo didn’t look like a regular photo. Put into black in white for a vintage look, it looked like a photo taken in the early 70′s/late 60′s. My mother was wearing a white dress gown thing and I was wearing the same thing only in a baby size. 

At this point I was confused but interested. I continue looking- “frnt_it4-all is the daughter/child of Cathy and step child of Robert (I put false names for obvious reasons) Collins”. Now at this point I was confused. My step father had a different surname of course, but my mum’s last name was spot on. Years later my mum and step dad were to marry and have the same last name.

Then the text went on to discuss child support payments that my mother and father had to pay each other! Fucking hell what the fuck is this? It even had a colourised 70′s looking photo of the house we where living in at the time. Eventually it came to this- “frnt_it4-all has since went on to become a very famous figure in racing horses. Today she lives in America but still frequently visits my home town for family.”

I remember this vividly because I was surprised and amazed up until that point (I have no interest in horses but my mother and sister do). It was all very accurate from my birth to my interests and at one point, I remember seeing my self as an older person. Even my middle name was right. It didn’t look like a page of stolen information it looked like a tribute page of some sorts. 

To this day, I couldn’t ever find the page again. I even tried looking before I typed this, every thing, every event, every significant thing in my life from that moment was accurate and it vanished right after I closed it to an other link. I know it was real because my friend remembers looking over and commenting on how the mother in the black and white photo looks a lot like our mum.

Credits to: Frnt_it4-all

Disappearing, Sinister Town

When I was a Freshman in college I traveled a lot on the weekends. I didn’t really have too many friends at that time, so weekends were pretty lonely.

My family has a lake house that we go to almost every other weekend during the warmer months. I’d often drive from school to the lake to meet my family. The first time I drove from my university to the lake, I realized that the route my GPS was taking me on was a very rural route. I was driving through a lot of small towns, nothing out of the ordinary.

Around the halfway mark I noticed that I was running low on gas and resolved to stop at the next gas station to fuel up. But when I hit the next town something was just… off.

It was early evening, but there wasn’t a soul in sight. Not another car driving by, no one walking along the sidewalk, not even a bird on a telephone wire. I immediately thought it was odd, but chalked it up to the town’s small population.

When I saw a gas station coming up at the next intersection I started to slow down in order to pull into the lot, when I was suddenly filled with an immense sense of dread. It was the oddest feeling. I can’t really describe it other than a heaviness about the air, and a voice in my head that told me to keep driving.

Coming home, I took a different route. I then forgot all about that tiny, weird little town until the next time I drove to the lake house. I took the exact same route as before. Although I was bracing myself to pass through the town, as the thought of driving through it again made me feel very uncomfortable, I never saw it again. I drove that same route dozens of more times while in college, but never again saw that town, the gas station, or experienced the same inexplicable sense of dread.

To this day I really have no explanation for what happened.

Credits to: PsychedelicGoat42

My Drill Bit Copied Itself The Other Day- I Have No Explanation

I have recently started woodworking in my spare time, which I have a lot of because of school letting out. Anyways. I make a lot of mistakes because I’m pretty new to it, and the other day I had a very small bit in my drill, and I left it pretty precariously perched on a shelf.

I have a red box for my drill bits, and most of them have a little hole that they fit in. This bit was unique from the rest, so I just kept it in a cup with a couple other unique things.

So this small fragile unique bit was in my drill, on the shelf where I left it precariously and of course the drill fell and the bit broke instantly. Now the weird part. I went back to the other bits to see if I had one close to the size, and the bit that just broke was sitting in my special cup - as perfect as it had been just before the drill fell.

Credits to: lupmo

Glitch In The Matrix: Relocating Shampoo

This happened at the very beginning of August, and it’s still very confusing to me.

So, I have to use a different shampoo than the rest of my family, because my hair gets really greasy and I have a bit of a dandruff problem as well. This becomes important later.

At the beginning of August, my family and I went to go visit some family down in Texas. We were going to stay for a week, so I packed my shampoo and everything. We get there fine, nothing really extraordinary until we get back home.

I’m unpacking my suitcase, putting the dirty laundry in the hamper and such. I pick up the shampoo, holding it in my hand, and set it to the side instead of taking it back to the bathroom for some reason.

The next day, I’m getting ready for a shower, and I can’t find my shampoo anywhere. I tear my room apart searching for it, and go through the whole house as well before finally asking if anyone’s seen it. My mom asks if I’d left it in Texas, but no I remember holding it in my hand and seeing the label when we got home.

My mom then texts my aunt, asking if we’d left shampoo at her house. She said yes, and the picture she sent was my shampoo that I’d seen in my suitcase the day before.

I’m still not sure if I’d just mixed up my memories or what, but that was pretty freaky.

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