donald trump wears a poorly fitted oversized suit with a giant red tie. he has an orange face and possibly fake hair and he has literal catchphrases. meanwhile justin trudeau has a seemingly permanent five oclock shadow that looks like it was drawn on and does like handstand pushups and can competently discuss theoretical computation

these are literal cartoon characters. like are we sure this isn’t some truman show shit. are we in the matrix. these are like the characters for some bad 80s sitcom. 

also canada can we trade
The Next Leader Of Cybertron Is A Total Beast
Earlier this month a Transformer near and dear to my heart faced off against Ultra Magnus, Star Saber and Deathsaurus in a fan vote for who would be the next ‘bot to wield the Matrix of Leadership. Move over, Optimus Prime. It’s Optimus Primal’s time.
By Mike Fahey

Earlier this month a Transformer near and dear to my heart faced off against Ultra Magnus, Star Saber and Deathsaurus in a fan vote for who would be the next ‘bot to wield the Matrix of Leadership.  Move over, Optimus Prime.  It’s Optimus Primal’s time.

It started with Transformers fans choosing the leader of three factions, Chaos, Order and Honor.  From there the pack was narrowed down to three candidates and one wildcard.

As a huge fan of the Beast Wars era of Transformers, in which the smaller descendents of the Autobots and Decepticons, the Maximals and Predacons. are thrown back in time to ancient Earth and forced to take on animal forms to survive, I was puling for Optimus Primal, Optimus Prime’s ape namesake.  Well, he won.  Good monkey.

Hasbro announced the winner today on stage at its Toy Fair 2017 event in New York City.  First they eliminated Japanese hero Star Saber, then Ultra Magnus.  They asked the audience who they thought won of the remaining two, and someone very near to my mouth shouted, “Primal!”

Okay, it was me.

This version of Optimus Primal is a warlord who dreams of a Cybertron ruled by beasts.  As long as they aren’t Beast Machines, we should be okay.

Optimus Primal will assume the Matrix of Leadership in 2018, when the Power of the Primes story and toy line kick into gear.  Here’s hoping they call him Optimus Primal Prime.


Keanu Reeves reveals he regrets not sleeping with more female fans when they used to throw knickers at him

The Matrix star said early in his career he had a lot of adoring fans but was ‘self-conscious’ about taking advantage of the fact they wanted to sleep with him

HOLLYWOOD heartthrob Keanu Reeves has revealed he regrets not sleeping with more adoring female fans.

The Canadian actor said that after starring in River’s Edge he would have knickers thrown at him – but did not often act on it.

The Matrix star said: “I probably should have taken more advantage but I didn’t.

“You know, I was a little self conscious about that. I mean I’m not saying it didn’t happen sometimes.”

He also admitted in the Esquire interview that he very nearly died in a motorbike accident.


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Weißt du was die Matrix ist? &wenn ja glaubst du daran? Wie stehst du zum Thema Glauben? Glaubst du unser Universum ist dass einzige? Gibt es Karma?

Von allem keine Ahnung aber ja Karma gibt es und wenn es nicht zuschlägt, dann mach ich es

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A++ aphra prompt fic. You do her so well <3 I've desperately wanted to read something like this forever, and I couldn't think of a better author for it! ...I have a secret desire to see a reformed post-ROTJ Vader deal with Aphra - do you have any thoughts on how that would go?

Thank you <3 I do have a few ideas– but I’ll admit, its a fic idea I’m secretly hoping someone else will write, because I want to read it more than create it lol 

I think Aphra would honestly be low-key disappointed by her boss going straight. Like yeah at first its fun to get to yell at him for shooting her out of an airlock and have him actually squirm instead of like, immediately doing it again, but after that he’s just not fun anymore. Hey boss, wanna go activate an ancient murderous droid matrix? Hey boss wanna kidnap a droid womb and make an army to challenge galactic hegemony? But no, all he wants to do is like, meditate quietly with Luke or hold Leia’s baby when she’s off-planet and Han lets him in exchange for a quick smoke break. Vader wants to settle  down but she’s not! 

This is an idea I literally just had, its only have formed but imagine a Legends-style kidnapping of Ben that maybe managed to knock Luke and Leia out of commission and Vader has to get Aphra to help him get his grandbaby back. I would read the actual shit out of that. 

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Matrix AU??? Like I didn't love you enough before??? Hell yes, my man, this is what I live and breathe



That is most sweet of you! Another Matrix  fan, AWWWWW yeah ~ ! - Highfive- 


Keanu Reeves talks about John Wick: Chapter 2, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and his prep for this role, meet Laurence Fishburne again on the set, Matrix, another John Wick and what is his secret to look so young.


So a year or so ago, my aunt gave birth to a little girl. Obviously, me and my mother decided to visit them at the hospital. When we arrived there, we entered the building and took the elevator. I pressed the button, and when I got out, I started walking towards the room. 

My mom was walking behind me the whole time, and I wasn’t paying much attention to the fact that she was completely silent. But once I entered the room and said hello to my aunt and congratulated her for giving birth, my mom asked me how I knew which floor, and which room her sister was in.

She never told me they were at the second floor, and she never told me they were in the fourth room on my right. And I started getting really pale when she told me this was the first time we went at that hospital.