matrix jacket

meowmeowkittymeow  asked:

how would the 2p axis think of there s/o wear very bright pastel colors (love your blog by the way! // broght to you by my new pastel pink into the matrix jacket that I'm In love with

Thank you! Sounds like a pretty awesome jacket! ^^

2p Germany:

-He thinks it’s cute, especially when the clothing has lots of lace or ruffles. He’ll give you steady compliments when you wear stuff like that. He may even let you put something pretty on him.

2p Italy:

-The pastel colors make you look innocent and delicate, and he loves it. He’ll fill your wardrobe with cute pastels if that means you’ll keep wearing them. 

2p Japan:

-After seeing how much you love pastel colors, he’ll start giving you lolita style clothing to wear. And once you’re wearing them, he’ll whip out a sketch pad and start drawing you. He might even get a tattoo of you in lolita clothes. 

They’re all in love. Seriously, they’re all head over heels after seeing their already adorable s/o dressed in cute clothes.