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Yes hello I’ve made a mistake Optimus Prime is too beefy and I’ve made a poor decision deciding he should be a Heavy Boom Truck but it’s too late I love this beefcake boy. Gotta figure out how his boom fits on his back, but I think his boom crane is actually detachable?

What’s that? It’s time to start posting TF: Matrix designs again? INCREDIBLE!

The Matrix MBTI

Neo [INTP: The Thinker]

Neo is skeptical by nature at the very beginning. He knows what isn’t real, but doesn’t imagine another version of life. He is never able to really tell you what he is certain about. That takes time. He makes many connections with his Ne and likes to find meaning in structures. It is why he is interested in uncovering the matrix and follows the rabbit hole for the truth. He enjoys knowledge, but for knowledge sake and isn’t interested in the use of what he discovers, just to learn and understand. His logic is very situational rather than perceptual. He needs to somehow be physically involved to sort out patterns. His inferior Fe makes it hard for him to fit into any social systems or roles naturally. He isn’t about being in any system and this is the very thing that helps make him “the one” to subvert The Matrix (a system) and to manipulate it.

Trinity [ISFJ: The Defender]

Trinity is great at implementing a plan of doing the work, the action, but isn’t an idealist or visionary. However, Si makes her personally involved in whatever she chooses to serve or work for, or because of her Fe, whoever she chooses to work for. She is alert to the emotional attitudes of those she cares about (Neo and Morhpeus).  She focuses on their goals and is loyal to her core to help them reach them. Trinity doesn’t see the work she does as work nor does she notice the time she sacrifices from her own life and self-interest in order to help the people she cares for. She feels utterly justified in her actions and can be stubborn once she is determined on a certain path. 

Morpheus [INFJ: The Protector]

Morpheus uses his Fe in order to always find common ground with others, especially when trying to convince them of his Ni vision. We see this in his ability to suavely and at a good pace convince Neo that his reality is nothing he thinks it is. We also, see this in how he interacts with other captains, the commander, and others. It is clearly secondary Fe, as he is a listener and restrains from speaking first or too much. Morpheus isn’t looking for just an intellectual challenge like an INTJ, but craves meaning in the work he does to bring peace to humanity. His romantic INFJ nature is what makes him hard for some to follow. He doesn’t deal in the explicit but in gestures, signs, stories, and symbols. It is what isn’t said that can be more important to Morpheus. Like all INFJs he is crushed when the symbols, stories, and signs he truly believes in turn out to be false (aka Neo and the rumor of “The One”). 

Agent Smith [ESTJ: The Guardian]

Agent Smith deals in conceptual step-by-step logic. He craves order and a system for everyone to have a place, a purpose. The chaotic is something he fears and struggles to grapple with, which is interesting as he being a rouge program goes against that very form of thinking. We watch as this ESTJ deals with a possible loss of purpose and tries to continue his role when no longer really part of the system. We see a great example of tertiary Ne being in conflict with Te mentality with Agent Smith. His Ne is chaotic and imbalanced and can lead him to just see the flaws in humanity and react with his Te thinking only he is the one who can truly manage and control them. He is so blinded he doesn’t see the hypocrisy of his own new free-will being contrary to the very system he wants to control. This is in part contributed to his inferior Fi, his inability to see his own individuality and emotions. 


Some Bee Details. or as I like to think of them; Beetails.

1. Bee usually avoids a fair fight, preferring to strike fast and retreat to a safe distance, relying upon his speed and durability- but in a fight he tends to be a scrapper, using specialized plating that can cover the tops of his hands as reinforced knuckles- these also have a section that can either simply remain charged (shocking his opponents) or form a small puncturing energy blade (still capable of delivering a powerful shock). In low-power modes he’ll simply not use the shocking function, but he’s still pretty solid, and able to throw his gravity field into punches pretty powerfully.

2. Being partially Insecticon has it’s advantages! Especially when it comes to weird little auxiliary limbs folded up and hidden (sidenote: these are not the only set of additional limbs he has!) with flexible, hardened points. These make for an excellent element of surprise against those who’ve never seen them, functioning as natural weapons- but they’re actually most useful for grappling and climbing and can hook into armor to hold onto much larger bots. They typically stay folded within’ his forearms- which are relatively heavy compared to the rest of them since they’re full of little tricks like this!

3. Some additional details. He has sort of “pockets” that fold open in his thighs, using the empty space within’ for storage. He favors smaller energy pistols in combat (although he’s also good with long-range rifles and a selection of other weapons, being a war-born). His hands are rather paw-like, and while not obvious from a distance the inner portions of his fingers and palm have textured “pads” (rough and pebbly, feeling rather like rubber to the touch) that allow him to keep grip on things. On Bumblebee, these pads also have a series of small, hooklike claws contained within’ that can be used for climbing various surfaces, or REALLY getting a grip on something (lets just say he wouldn’t want to use them on anything organic) or scraping a handful of paint off another bot. He also uses them for grooming.

“I should really work on designs for characters who, you know, actually show up early on in TF: Matrix.” I say. Instead working on designing a flashback-exclusive character because I love the design that popped into my head for him so much. WHOOPS.

Roughs for Terminus. Because Megatron has not suffered enough, apparently.

You can listen to his theme song here.


reboot rewatch: 1x08 enzo the smart

↳time, huh! little kid, hmph! i don’t wanna be smart later, i wanna be smart now!