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Available on Mineraliety in the Delightful Planet (@delightfulplanet) shop is this “It’s the pink Chalcedony that makes this mineral combination so rare. Green Apophyllite is readily found associated with Stilbite or on blue/grey chalcedony. However rough pink chalcedony is an unusual and highly valued find with green apophyllite. The chalcedony is found not only as matrix with the specimens from this lot, but also as inclusions within the Apophyllite itself!” ///////


Neural Facegrid 256

Research from Tom White features a Flickr photo album of neural network processed images of faces, arranged by similarity:

Sampling and interpolation of a neural network model to generate localized manifolds of faces. The process is automated such that given one seed face (at center of each grid), the entire grid of neighbors is generated.

You can see the collection of 500 images here

More about the Facegrid project can be found here