In case you didn’t know, NASA has some serious sciart game when it comes to their mission posters. This is just a fraction of the full galleries for both Shuttle and Space Station missions. I love how all the astronauts are clearly so into this. 

Enjoy your Sunday rabbit hole. 

- Summer


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One day a couple weeks ago, I broke up with my ex. The same day, I unexpectedly met a wonderful guy. We decided to meet up for the first time at a park. As I got in the car, I put my phone down on my lap with the screen lit on. I picked it up a few seconds later to check for a signal, (there was an LTE outage for T-Mobile that night) and I came across this note on my phone.

I don’t use the notes on my phone, nor have we even talked at this moment when I saw it. My phone was on high volume so I would be able to hear it say that it was listening to what we were saying. These are not lyrics, I tried to look it up. I don’t understand. This is some @sixpenceee shit.

Tech billionaires are trying to develop a way to break us out of ‘The Matrix’

It seems some leaders in Silicon Valley are taking the possibility of 'The Matrix’ seriously. At least two tech billionaires are recruiting scientists and funding research on a way to break us out of it. But are we actually living in a computer simulation? Philosopher Nick Bostrom writes that there are three possible answers.

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