matrim 'mat' cauthon

Top 3 Mat Moments™

1. Fucking takes out both Galad and Gawyn with a big stick, despite having been on his death bed fifteen minutes beforehand

2. Accidentally married a woman he had been adamantly avoiding

3. “Whoever the dumbass they got to be Amyrlin Seat will be here soon, and I’ll deal with her. Whatever.”

Egwene: “I’m right here -_-“

Mat You Extra Bastard

Matrim Cauthon are you honest-to-Light demanding an apology from Nynaeve and Elayne for something that happened 5 BOOKS AGO

Here I am reading Crown of Swords and Mat tells Birgitte to tell the girls to apologize for jerks to him back in THE DRAGON REBORN???

Don’t get me wrong it’s satisfying as all getout I’m just saying I hope to one day reach Mat Cauthon levels of petty

Этот человек мог бы сыграть в кости с Тёмным и победить.” (с) Башни полуночи

на Фэндомную битву-2017 в составе команды Wheel of Time я нарисовала Мэта Коутона из цикла книг “Колесо времени” Роберта Джордана.

Matrim Cauthon from The Wheel of Time book series by Robert Jordan, fanart
Charcoal pencil. brown paper

Looks like the game can be won after all… Tell the foxes I’m mighty pleased with this key they gave me. Also, you can all go rot in a flaming pit of fire and ashes, you unwashed lumps on a pig’s backside. Have a grand bloody day.

Mat Cauthon, Towers of Midnight, chapter 55

aka how i’m going to tell people to go to hell from now on