I honestly believe older human societies were matriarchal.

Do you think when we were fucking in caves before we even invented marriage or monogamy that people always knew who the father of a baby was?

Or that we even had the concept of specific fatherhood?

Probably not. But everyone knew motherhood was valuable still.

Those Venus statues of fat women were likely made by the women themselves (due to the shape of the body resembling the way a person looks down at themselves), these women were clearly respected and valued.

Women have our clitoris on the outside of our bodies because sex has a social bonding role in humans, hence the hormones released in the brain.

Back then they probably understood that PiV sex = pregnancy and probably only did it when they actually wanted to procreate because having a fuckload of unexpected pregnancies to plan for isn’t exactly an ideal situation.

There were probably many women who chose to never be pregnant since childbirth could be witnessed by just about anyone every time it happened and it would undoubtedly leave some women terrified. 

hey just wanted to say that receiving notes on talky worldbuildy posts means a lot ;m; thank you all so much for liking my dumb space mexican cat ppl, i’ll try post more about the other gestalt as well..not everyone’s a murder cat. there’s also…zealot seelie fungi ppl aka Amanuenso, opulent space vampire matriarchs aka Altes, body horror ylem smiths called Moretos, and a couple other ppl around there too!

again thank you all so much for showing interest in my headworlds, i appreciate it immensely ;U;

talking about my oc that no one cares about lmao

Any time to domain comes under attack the queen rises up out of the water and is probably the most menacing thing because she blocks out the sun and suddenly any attackers are stuck in this titantic sized beast’s shadow

though because of her size she isn’t the fastest at handling land assaults, in the water there is no way you’re escaping the megalodon matriarch of zora’s domain

Marc Okubo of Veil of Maya