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MATP first show w/ Violent Reaction and The Flex. FFO: Mother of Mercy/Merauder. Best new band out of Pensacola.

Meeting at the Pumps || Delilah & Clinton

“What the hell is this?” Delilah’s words weren’t much louder than a mumble as she surveyed the building that she was approaching on her meander around town. She’d decided that it was time to familiarize herself with some of the places she wouldn’t normally go. Why not explore? She was stuck here so she might as well amuse herself while she was at it.

Her battered sneakers scuffed at the pavement as she walked, wearing at the beginning of a hole in the toe of her left shoe. A Gas station? As far as Delilah could tell, no one seemed to drive here. Sure there were cars, but they looked like they hadn’t seen the open road in quite some time. The cheap prices the sign for gas advertised made her raise an eyebrow. Definitely just a cute for- looks- only set up.

As she came closer, she began to appreciate the retro look that the little hardware store/ gas station was giving off. It was simple and simplicity was something that Lilah’s life desperately needed at the moment. She glanced through the door as she passed by. A slightly disgruntled looking man sat at the front desk and she made a note to not piss him off if she ever had a reason to shop there.

The Pepsi machine caught her eye as she continued to study the building. Though she would have preferred a Coke, the temptation of the cold, sweet soda was enough to have her digging in her pockets for change. She inserted the required change and stabbed at the Pepsi button, anticipating the clang of the bottle she was so looking forward to. Instead she was greeted with silence as her change was swallowed and she was given nothing in return. “Are you fucking kidding me?” She pressed the button again with more force this time. Still nothing. “God damn it!” An angry kick made contact with the machine but her efforts were met with a stony silence from the change thief.  

its 3am and im petty but honestly the only “”“shocking”“” truth about the humans in the film was that they were originally gonna be jelly aliens with /hints/ to originally being human descendents and i had to look at fucking concept art of one of them with whipcream tiddies and nipple rings but no sir ee Bob u wont see an edgy matp/a/t theory on the lost jelloalien nipplerings of wall-e NO. u can only recieve tjis kind of content from Me.