Feel free to use these pictures as icons or as custom anons on your blog, but if you plan on using them please reblog this post, and credit me if someone asks about them.

I will update these soon with a pink Kekemato as well as a generic matoki, so stay tuned if you’re looking for something like that!

Enjoy! ♡

UPDATED: Pink Kekemato, Generic Matoki and eye variations for Dadamato and Shishimato added! :)

Today a friend of mine asked me why B.A.P’s logo is a rabbit, and I had to explain the whole matoki thing, and like…

idk if you’ve ever tried explaining it but trying to tell someone that B.A.P are rabbit aliens from space who’ve come to take over Earth and harness the screams of fans to power their home planet… like can you imagine someone hearing that for the first time?

i really wish i had something simpler or more profound to tell my friends but no they’re god damn alien rabbits thats what they are 

Happy birthday Junhong!!! <3


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