[TRANS] Wooyoung NYLON Interview

-       You’ve given a lot of ideas for today’s photo shoot. To the point that we’ve received several messages.
I gave it a lot of thought, because this pictorial was supposed to be shot with the “musicians I like”. So I made a few requests on this and that.

-       When you take a look at the list you have sent us, it is a lot harder to find a common point than one would think. Even if there were something in common, it is a rather unusual list.
Previously I had fixed boundaries of liking just ballads or just dance music, but these days it’s not like that. It may be hard to find a common ground, because I jotted down the names of the musicians that I usually like, listen often to or just get inspired by. Nevertheless, I couldn’t leave out anyone so I wrote down them all.

-       How many hours a day do you spend listening to the music?
It’s really hard to say the exact amount of time… but I put on some music when I wake up. I choose a type of music thinking “How would I like that kind of feeling today”. I put on some music, check out the day’s schedule and then go wash up. And when I go to the bathroom I listen to yet another type of music.

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