Polytrichum, Peltigera and a small pixie cup by Chaerea
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I’m the type of Ravenclaw who…

At school: hardly ever participates in class but actually knows the ansewrs the 95% of the time, is the “perfect child”, usually gets marks from 9 to 10 (exept in P.E.)

At home: Is always singing a song, does anything recycling any other matireal just for being creative, actually never shut up, dances in front of the mirror

Day 9 - posting late

The Pillar
An old relic that grew from the ground soon after the Matire were defeated, it soon became a hub for travelers, traders and other wanderers, becoming a merchant city in later years, The Pillar works well for this as no matter where you are in the world you can always seem to see it on the horizon 

Along with The Pillar came the queer caretaker, his names not known and most people will call him Frog, or just Eyes for the large eyes on his hood. He’s always been with the Pillar, and forbids any from entering beyond the first floor, to enforce this rule are the caretakers hands, The Pillars protectors and by extension the entire merchant cities protectors - Not much else is known of them, apart from their dull personalities that is. But what is known is that they’re strong in their own right and don’t take kindly to POE’s or anyone stalking around the stairs leading to the upper floors