Fighting Game AU ideas

(alright i moved this to a text post because little space and I didn’t want it to get eaten)

• Vince would operate like Bloody Marie at the end of a route, having three stages and being an overall pain
• First it’s Golden Freddy, then Endo, then Vincent
• As Golden Freddy he tries to rush down the player, moving fast. As Endo it’s move calculated and stronger attacks. As Vince it’s just a pain because he moves so fast. Almost constantly throwing knives like Marie’s floating skulls.
• Animatrons don’t flinch in fights, being made of metal and hard plastic.
• Doll isn’t a playable character but in one of Mike’s moves he receives a call from them and goes to check it, while a gray blur from the bottom of the screen attacks.
• Foxy is based on Painwheel and refuses to fight but the child ghost forces him to.
• Toy Chica is like Cerebella with up close grabs and strong attacks.
• I figured since Jeremy wouldn’t want to fight too much he has the Marionette on his side, operating like Sekhmet, Samson, and Leviathan.
• The Marionette stays on his back, asleep while Jeremy winds the music box in his idle stance. For attacks he stops winding which wakes up Mationette and he assists with attacks. He can also grab from long distances like Levithan’s Silver Cord.
• In an arcade mode, you can unlock secret characters. First Boss, then Mike the Mongrel, then Golden Freddy, and finally Vincent.
• Phone Guy has the ability to get phones out of nowhere. How does he do it? It is a mystery.
• He can use a pay phone that’s mounted on an iron bar like a bat or spear. Similar to Valentine’s IV Naginata.

Funny Ideas
• For one of Mike’s attacks, he “drops the mic”. Instead of an actual mic he just drops Mike the Mongrel.
• Old Chica’s taunt consists of her holding up her arms and saying “Look mom, no hands!”
• Vincent’s taunt is him having three butter knives in his mouth and saying “fite me.”
• They game would probably be called ‘Fight Night and Freddy’s’ or something.

Feel free to add more!