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The Vertex: 'My wish come true!'

The Vertex in the natal chart is an additional hypothetical calculated point (Such as the Nodes) which appears on the Western Hemisphere of the chart (from the 5th house to the 8th - rarely appearing in the 4th/9th houses unless the native was born on a much higher or lower latitude).

Some astrologers refer to this point as a ‘Secondary Descendent’, ‘The Third Angle’ and even the 'Wish point’.

The Vertex in the chart when conjunct or opposed in synastry (Conjunct the 'Anti-Vertex), can show a karmic and 'fated’ meeting and connection. Encounters manifested from Vertex connections are set to change and alter the life of the vertex person. Because the Vertex only appears in the Western Hemisphere, these connections almost always involve events that include the interaction with other people, provoking major turning points in our lives.

The Vertex in terms of attracting and being attracted to others also shows the sign that you are subconsciously attracted, since the vertex acts as a secondary descendant. When someone’s planets (especially the Sun/Moon/Venus/Mars and sometimes Jupiter) is Conjunct your Vertex on a tight orb (no more than 5°), the sudden attraction you feel for this person may feel like an energetic rush.
At first sight, there may be a subtle recognition, but once interaction is initiated, the connection often feels sudden and unexpected, with a very powerful drive to connect with them.
The planet person seemingly arrives as a 'desired encounter’ on behalf of the vertex person.
Having someone’s planet conjunct your Vertex can greatly fulfil your need in relation to the primary energy of that planet.
(I’ll write another post about the type of vertex conjunctions in a separate post!)

The karmic lessons that Vertex connections can bring are as powerful and life changing as Nodal manifestations and lessons, however, Vertex lessons are primarily about learning about yourself through the interaction of another, Nodal lessons are primarily focused entirely on you as an individual. The lessons prescribed are associated with the placement of the Vertex within the house and sign (like the North Node).

Vertex lessons like all karmic lessons can be easy or difficult - the primary function is for soul growth.

Vertex relationships can leave you feeling an all time high and these relationships can be truly beneficial to understanding yourself through another. They strike you like a sudden epiphany, a turning point, and/or an event that you feel like you have no control of. Some lessons learnt serve a purpose for enhancing self understanding and are set to alter our course in life (often in relation to the house where your Vertex is located).

Vertex relationships are highly significant in this regard!

However, not all Vertex connections are meant to last. Some can go on for years, others can literally come and go in a matter of minutes. The arrival and departure of the planetary person connecting to the Vertex only stays present until the the completion of the 'Turing point’.
If the romantic partner has a vertex conjunction to their lover, a karmic relationship is indicated between the two - terms such as 'fated’ is deemed quite appropriate for these relationships.
One must be conscious of how long the relationship is supposed to last.

There is far more content about the Vertex I wish to share in regards to the natal Vertex and transits to this point.
(Additional links will be added to this post)

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