matinee concert

modern AU Aden thoughts:

- like ok he totally plays piano like an angel i mean you see those hands those fingers were meant to create sweet heavenly music (lexa totally cries at each of his matinees and concerts because she’s proud of her smol bean) his favorites are anything by handel or bach, but he plays lots of Debussy and Liszt because Lexa loves that mellow soft piano music with all her heart

- this boy is bisexual af like his mommy and doesn’t give a damn if he’s holding a boy’s or a girl’s hand and he always gets them flowers and it’s adorable and he’s sweet

- has perfect balance between being a sweet smol flower child bean and badass, plays in the jazz band (alto sax if you must know this boy can do anything) but also plays on the basketball team 

- is very tol when he grows up, much more tol than is smol bean mothers

- little baby Aden totally loves finger painting and when he grows up he and Clarke will sometimes spend the day sitting in the garden painting together

- whilstles a lot and it’s beautiful

- can wiggle his ears and will show it to anyone esp as a little child

- has a pet bearded dragon named Linus who spends most of his time curled up on Aden’s shoulder as he writes or reads