More photos from my previous shoot of Matin cosplay. This is a combination of the short skirt version shown for a second only in the pv and the sheath that is also only ever shown in the pv. I take some liberties on sheath and leg guard designs, overall I am happy to finally able to shoot this (battle) version Matin that I have been wanting too for a long time. Finally get to properly sheathed Trisagion at the back like the sketch in artbook (^◇^)

Matin Catorce - aomarine
Photo by @reallycoolname

First preview from last weekend shoot~
Half of the slides (maybe more than half?) were ruined and many things went wrong with traffic and all, still we managed to get some nice shoots. Lessons learned and looking forward for future shoot to experiment more with slides~

Though not very clear here, but new Trisagion! Base was made by Elias and I did the detailing up till the final touch up. Did some upgrades here in there, but still need some fixing and more touch up, especially the arm guards bit.
Will ramble more when I update my blog in weebly lol

Matin Catorce - The Epic of Zektbach
Photo by Elias Lopez