matin brumeux


Monet at Poissy (16)
Working like a madman
After the opening of the seventh impressionist exhibition in Paris, Monet hurried back to Pourville. In his own words, he was “working like a madman”, and delayed his return to mid-April, no doubt because the lease of his studio at the Rue Vintimille, Paris, came to an end and he had to vacate his studio at the Rue Vintimille, Paris on 15 April 1882.
Here are a few excellent fruits of the “madman’s work”: views from the east side of the Pourville beach and one of the paintings of the church of Varengeville, further west of Pourville.

Claude Monet, Le Matin, temps brumeux, Pourville (Foggy Morning at Pourville), 1882. Oil on canvas, 61 x 74 cm. Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Claude Monet, Barques sur la plage de Pourville (Boats on the Beach at Pourville, Low Tide), 1882. Oil on canvas, 60 x 79 cm. The Kreeger Museum, Washington DC, USA
Claude Monet, L'église de Varengeville et la Gorge des Moutiers (The Church of Varengeville and the Gorge of Les Moutiers), 1882.  Oil on canvas, 60 x 81 cm. Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, Ohio, USA


Matin brumeux by Eric Penet
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