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last bows for bea, ava and analise (and mitchell, who sadly isn’t visible.)

plus ben being cute cuz i <3 him.

musical theatre for beginners
   time to educate yourself on something more than defying gravity 
includes songs from book of mormon, matilda, heathers, billy elliot, and more

01. hello- the book of mormon  // 02. get back to hogwarts- a very potter musical //  03. dancing through life- wicked  // 04. pulled- the addams family  // 05. electricity- billy elliot // 06. naughty- matilda the musical // 07. cell block tango- chicago // 08. candy store- heathers // 09. turn it off- the book of mormon // 10. dead girl walking- heathers // 11. seasons of love- rent


Last but not least; Happy trails Ava DeMary. The maggot with the unstoppable and contagious smile! From a tiny girl full of energy to a little teenage, always dedicated to the show. That smile that shows the happiness of performing is not always shown by many artist! 

You could always see\or hear a different style whenever she was as standby for her other parts!

I really enjoyed watching her in EVERY bootleg out there! She always got my eyes!

I hope to see many projects from her soon! 


jill and the graduated maggots were taking a group pic in the lobby so i snapped a couple too.  hopefully that’s not creepy of me :/  i figured it would be okay since it was a posed photo.

also, jill is literally miss honey in real life.  she was telling jack how handsome he’s gotten, and when erica came tearing over to hug her, she declared “this is the luckiest day of my life!”

ah i love jill. 


Just let me starting by saying WHHHYYYYYYHH??????? Like why can’t this child just stay in the show forever. Alright I’m pretty sure everyone in this fandom knows how spectacular Bea is but I don’t care I’m gonna say it anyway. Bea never fails to grab my attention when every she performs, when I saw her last January my eyes had to constantly switch back and forth between her and Ava. When you watch her perform you just see a child living on stage and I know we’ll her grace the Broadway stage again very soon. Once a maggot always a maggot

Matilda [w/ Fina Strazza] February 14, 2015

Party Entertainer // Sean Montgomery // Doctor // Matt Meigs // Mrs. Wormwood // Lesli Margherita // Mr. Wormwood // Malt Harrington // Matilda // Fina Strazza // Michael Wormwood // Clay Thomson // Mrs. Phelps // Karen Aldridge // Miss Honey // Alison Luff // Escape Artist // Ben Thompson // Acrobat // Jennifer Bowles // Miss Trunchbull // Chris Sieber // Rudolpho // Phillip Spaeth // Sergei // Sean Montgomery // Bruce // Mitchell Sink // Lavender // Grace Capeless // Nigel // Marcus D’Angelo // Amanda // Beatrice Tulchin // Eric // Christian Michael Camporin // Alice // Alexa Shae Niziak // Hortensia // Ava DeMary // Tommy // Chris Sumpter

        Okay fellow Matilda the Musical fans, this is finally happening—I am going to recount some things from the matinee performance that I went to see on Saturday February 14, 2015. Buckle up because bouts of unnecessary detail are coming up…

         By the way I put in a ‘Keep Reading' break, because I'm not kidding when I say this is long.

           First off, Matilda for this performance was played by the lovely Fina Strazza. Coming into the show I was pretty familiar with Tori and Brooklyn—having heard some of their audios on Tumblr, however Fina and Eliza were more of mysteries to me. I had only heard one recording of I’m Here from one of Fina’s shows, and while I was listening to it I actually thought it was Tori, so my reference was a little bit off to say the least. But anyway, Fina is wonderfully talented, and really felt like Matilda to me. Not many have taken on discussing in detail this girl’s talent, so let me dive right in!

  • First off, this girl has a way of utilizing sort of blank expressions and straight faces that she still manages to pack with meaning and emotion (some examples being her expressions when addressing her father and how you can see some sadness and revolt in her eyes even though the rest of her face was quite calm; and another example being when Miss Trunchbull gets all up in her faces about Nigel and later about eating the cake). These expressions—calm facial features and intense eyes—gives her a kind of calm tranquility that can be both quite frightening and kind of reflective of what Matilda sings about in Quiet and how she is often suppressing a great rage inside of her.
  • Also, Fina had a way of slowly withering in intensity every time Miss Phelps would talk about how lucky and proud her parents must be of her—until finally she broke my heart when admitting to Miss Honey that her father calls her “a liar, a cheat, and a nasty little creep”–the line delivery was just so sad; don’t talk to me about it.
  • Also her facial expressions were on point for Naughty—so wonderfully mischievous. One of my favorite parts of her Naughty was when she was singing “We’re told we have to do what we’re told but surely” because she hopped down from the bookshelf onto the nightstand and kind of rocked on her heels and rolled her shoulders into the most innocent, puppy-dog-eyed look, only to then leap across the bed and lookall plotting and cunning with the line “sometimes you have to be a little bitnaughty!”

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So annoyed - had the bows perfectly framed for filming but my vid cut off when I had to move my phone away from the ushers line of sight - so I thought I filmed them but didn’t. Please tell me someone else did!


Alright the one I have been looking forward to writing the least. Not gonna lie out of OBC and the current cast she is my favorite caste member. Sorry not sorry. I mean this kid is on point all the time during every show. I had the privilege of seeing her last year when she was Alice and she did a lot with the small. And I saw the bootleg of her as Lavender and I do t care if she went on for the role twice she is my favorite Lavender. I’m sad to see her leave the show but I know that she’ll do great things in the future. So as they say in theatre happy trails. Once a maggot always a maggot


This little miracle!!! The princess of the Broadway production! I can’t believe she is leaving! 

So many energy in such a tiny person! I hope it will never end!!! Don’t grow up so quickly little girl! You have many things to learn about this world! Explore it and don’t forget to have fun!

Not exactly sure how to go about “happy trails” for Ava, Bea, Mitchell and Analise, so I’ll just steal what I wrote to Ava off my (kinda abandoned) Instagram and get to the other three in a little bit.

Of course today is a very sad day… The day many fantastic kids take their final bow in Matilda 💜 I would just like to say a quick story of how and why this girl has inspired me endlessly. Well, as I’ve mentioned before I lost my dad and he- being a musician- and I would always sing together and I was extremely happy with music. After he passed I struggled to ever re-find my love and passion for music and theatre. That was until August 13, 2014. After seeing Ava (and all the other amazing kids) in the show, I had realized just how much I missed my musical life. From the second she stepped on stage, her passion and energy literally filled the air. A part of Ava reminded me of bits of myself when I was her age… So incredibly in love with what she was doing. I was so amazed that a kid could be SO amazing at acting, singing and dancing. When the show ended I knew my life was now forever changed in the most positive way possible, all because of Ava DeMary. I could go on forever about how incredibly flawless she is throughout the show, but I know everyone already knows that. So I would just like to say thank you to possibly the biggest (and probably most unexpected) role model I’ve ever had. Thank you for changing my life ❤️ I will be forever thankful for all the work you’ve put into Matilda these past few years. You are TRULY a special person and I hope you always know that 😄 happiest of trails to you, go out and have the best show EVER.

So yeah, Ava in particular has really changed my life and I’ll never know how or why my eyes automatically gravitated towards her when I saw Matilda… But something about her performance just left me in tears… She had more passion and excitement than I’ve ever seen. Thank you Ava so much. Happy trails to you!


Happy trials to Mitchell Sink who takes his final bow as Bruce in Matilda today. I remembering hearing an audio of him the first night he played Bruce. Once I finished the audio I concluded that he slightly edged out Jack Broderick for my favorite Bruce and continued to amplified when I saw/heard him perform. I mean there is no denying that this kid has major talent and I wish him the best of luck in what ever the future brings