matilda is best movie

matilda is one of the best movies ever u can fight me on this:

  • there’s only one man in this with any significant dialogue
  • ms. honey is the perfect example of how to be a good and kind teacher even when u have a past that causes you a lot of pain (cough severus snape)
  • matilda is just?? an adorable child? she deserves so much
  • the movie ends with ms. honey adopting matilda and generally living a very happy life afterwards as a single mom and i think that’s amazing
  • lavender is hilarious, anyone who puts a newt in the water glass of an evil principal is someone i greatly respect
  • i could reasonably argue that ms. honey is gay. like, there’s absolutely no reason for her to be thought of as straight and i believe that matilda grew up with a gay single mom who loved her very much, this is something i won’t budge on
  • seriously this movie is a work of art please watch it if only for the cake eating scene since that’s probably the most iconic movie moment in the past twenty years no joke
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오늘 사인회 때 안경을 쓸까 초커를 할까 화장실에서 한 20분 고민하다가 후자를 함. 왜냐면 후자가 좀 더 할 만한 상황이 잘 안 온다(용기 필요.) 왜 남자느 초커를 하면 안 되는가. 물론 마틸다가 한 게 짱이다. 암튼 나는 좋다 초커가 여러분

I was worrying over whether I should wear glasses or a choker in the bathroom for around 20 minutes before the fansign today but chose the latter. Because there aren’t many situations where I can wear the latter(I need courage.) Why can’t guys wear chokers. Of course, Matilda’s choker is the best. Anyways everyone, I like chokers.

(T/N: Matilda from the movie ‘Leon’, she wore a choker)

좋은 밤 되세유

Have a good night

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