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faeli  asked:

is it just me, or does keith and shiro remind you of jude and ludger?


It’s probably the inverted dual tone hair and the whole baggage and stress that comes with suddenly becoming a dad when the world/universe is in peril.

don’t forget mullet boyfriend

Both Jude and Leia have fought for their lives, both Jude and Leia know what it is to experience trauma, loss, and to recover from those things, and to be completely frank, both Jude and Leia have their shit together WAY BETTER than most of us young adults IRL. They are on it.

So since that is the case, why are they mature enough to hold steady careers, be financially independent, and live on their own, but suddenly not mature enough to potentially hold romantic relationships with people who are, yes, older, but NOT MORE MATURE than they are? Putting aside that Jude and Leia are clearly stated to be adults in their universe (World Guidance Book says this, others their age hold careers (e.g. Agria), Jude is offended Milla calls him “boy” and says she’s not that much older than him, Jude’s father tells Jude’s mother that Jude is not a child and she should not coddle him anymore, etc), they act like it, too. They know what they want, they understand what it is that they want, and they clearly know how to take care of themselves in every way: financially, physically, and emotionally. Unlike characters like Elize, who clearly acts like a child and needs to be taken care of by guardians still (Driselle and Rowen), Jude and Leia support themselves and are very obviously functioning adults.

So when people balk at shipping them with characters like Milla, Ludger, or Alvin because of the age difference, it bugs me, because if they are old enough to hold steady careers and have independent living–something that most twenty-somethings IRL can’t do yet (no offense to twenty-somethings, life is hard as shit esp with student loans, but I’m making a point here)–then how the hell are they not old enough to make informed, rational decisions about their romantic lives? FFS, both of them are more mature than, for example, Alvin could ever hope to be tbh, so there’s no being taken advantage of here, this is just two adults making choices for themselves if those are the choices they want to make.

This is not RL, but even if it were, Jude and Leia would be light years ahead of the rest of us, let’s not kid ourselves. (And yes, I know light years measure distance. I mean like, they’re far ahead of us, in every conceivable way. When it comes to the ROAD OF LIFE, they are LIGHT YEARS ahead of us, for sure.)

It’s a normal night- we’re sitting outside in the hot air, keeping our knees three inches from each other- when you ask me if I believe in fate.
I say, I believe that sometimes
I am so sure something will happen
that I do everything to prove myself right.
I believe I repeat my mistakes because 
I feel comfortable in what I’ve already experienced.

I believe in self-sabatoge.

—  I Believe, Lora Mathis

Sorry these are so sporadic right now! I’ll get back to them soon but I’ve apparently elected to reeeaally take it easy on winter break so translations aren’t my top priority.

They just don’t get it
Now do they?

You tell them about the stares
and the silencing
how you’re trained to
swallow your voice
and they say,
Well I Didn’t Do Anything

Always trying to declare
themselves drowning
when they make up the sea

You tell them how everything
you care about is a boy’s only club
how you are allowed in
with a special pass
but still not served the same drinks

And they say,
You May Have Seen Me In There
But I’m Not Like Them

They just don’t get it

—  Men, Lora Mathis

At least the various crap parents kinda had some sort of explanations (not excuses) for their actions and even get called out for it but we get absolutely nothing like that for Anise’s parents! We got people blaming a thirteen-year-old for continuing a war and yet no one bothered to ask what the hell her parents did to get in such a crap situation in a first place?