Seventeen Reaction: Failing Your Math Exam

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Request: Seventeen reaction to failing your math exam. Ty
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Seungcheol would feel slightly upset but wouldn’t show it so that he wouldn’t upset you! He would be all over the place trying to figure out if you could have a retake and encourage you to study more next time and offer extra help so that you could pass!

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Jeonghan wouldn’t fret too much about it, rather deciding to do things that could make you happy and take your mind off things. He would rather have you smiling than have you stressing out about getting a bad grade!

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Joshua would be kind of disappointed, after helping you lots coming up to the exam, he would feel a little hurt that you might not have been paying attention when he sat there trying to help. However, that wouldn’t stop him from pulling out your textbooks and going over everything so you could pass your next exam!

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Jun would be more laid back about it. He offered to help you prior to the exam however you refused and deep down it upset him that he might have been able to help you pass. But worry not! He would pull all kinds of playful tricks while you were down about it just to bring your mood up and make you smile!

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Hoshi wouldn’t even think twice before pulling out all sorts of jokes in high hopes of bringing your mind off it. Of course he would be concerned for your grade, but your happiness that could come from his silliness would be the number one priority!

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Wonwoo would poke around with some lame jokes before jumping to the rescue, bringing snacks and a movie and secretly hiding a few helpful books in his bag that he was too embarrassed to pull out and give you at first.

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Woozi would be a bit irritated and disappointed. He had helped you slightly before you declined his help and in the end hearing that you failed would give him the determination to teach you and help you study so you could ace it next time.

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Dokyeom would be sad at the outcome, after all he had been cheering you on while you prepared for the exam, including stopping by and bringing you snacks so that you would be in the best shape for the exam. But rather than showing it, he would be all smiles and jokes in hopes of bringing your mood up and taking your mind off of it~

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Mingyu would be extremely determined to find a way for you to retake it and prove that you could do it. He would be pulling out all your textbooks and laying them out in preparation for the long nights of studying that would await you.

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Minghao would be a little confused over how you could have possibly failed, and wouldn’t be sure how to cheer you up at first. After that stage of feelings had passed he would be really concerned about making you feel better and forgetting about getting a bad grade.

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Seungkwan would go completely soft, understanding that math is pretty hard and that you tried your best. He would drag you to different places to bring your mood up and give you confidence that you could get a better grade next time!

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Vernon wouldn’t want you to dwell on it too long, staying quiet about the matter and rather bringing up other things or doing things with you to take your mind off of it.

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Dino would be sad to see how upset you were over failing, and even if he wanted to express how you could do better, he would find it difficult to find the right words. Rather, he would get up and begin doing silly things, including dancing, and pulling you along to join him.

Break up

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Jude and Connor have broken up which leaves them devastated. Jude decides to move on and start dating while Connor remains single. The relationship doesn’t work but it manages to make Connor jealous, which eventually leads to a steamy moment.


So this is the first request I’ve written, if you feel like sending me some that’d be cool. Fair warning, there is a slight smutty scene, nothing serious, just making out.
The ending is very cliche but idgaf xD…

Hope you guys like it !

Break up

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So we all know that taking notes for math and studying can be pretty difficult. So here is my Algebra 2 honors binder with all my notes and I will explain what I do to organize my notes, take them, and study them.

Cover: I made the cover picture on Microsoft word. In my mind pretty notes make for a happy mind! :)
Front Pocket: In the front pocket I have a filing folder filled with all of my tests and quizzes from the year. I also have about 3 practice tests for my final. 1 of which was given to me by my teacher and 2 that I found online and printed.
Notes: I made my own table of contents on Microsoft word based on the outline given by my teacher. I then printed it on colored card stock. Each chapter is sectioned off by a divider with the chapter name.

Taking notes:
Sometimes my teachers will make us print things online to fill-in during class but some teachers will just have you copy them into a notebook. I did the latter and then typed them up and revised them. When taking math notes it is super important to COPY ALL FORMULAS. Even if you know the formula from a previous class, write the formula down it will always help. Also make sure you do at least 4-5 practice problems per topic varying in difficulty. It may be tedious but it allows you to practice thoroughly. Any terms you do not know should be written down and memorized. Mathematical terms will pop up on the ACT and SAT. When doing graphs with different lines I suggest using a different colored highlighter for each different line to make things easier to read and understand. If the formula for the line is written down highlight the formula in the same color you highlighted the line in. I also write the goal for the lesson down in a bright color for a refresher. My next tip is probably not very common but I do all of my math and math notes in pen, for me it motivates me to think about what I am writing and to not make mistakes. It also helps me make neater notes!

Probably the hardest thing ever… But with some simple things it can be a lot easier.
Index cards: Math is formulas, a boat load of formulas so for me the easiest way to remember formulas is index cards! Every time I get a new formula or use a formula in a lesson I make a flash card for it. This also works with any Jew terms you learn.
Practice tests: You could not imagine the amount of practice tests you can find online. Just google a practice test for whatever is going to be on your test!If a certain part of your lesson is harder for you find more problems in that section!
Homework: If you have problems in your homework that you got wrong I suggest highlighting them and looking over them when studying. Redo them and redo them until you cannot get it wrong. You would be amazed at how many teachers pull test problems from your homework.

That’s pretty much it! Math is a pretty hard subject but is one of my favorites! So, if you have anymore questions just ask! :)