How to study for Math(s) in the new school year

How to study for Math(s) in the new school year

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Before my AS Level exams in May/June I was studying pretty hard. Maths was one of the subjects I really wanted a good grade in, so along the way I managed to pick up some tips that will hopefully help all of you too! Long-Term i.e. throughout the year: 1. Always do the homework that is set for you in the year You need to actually try and get the work done, maths is literally all about practicing…

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anonymous asked:

Descartes walks into a bar. The bartender asks if he wants a drink. "I think not", descartes says.he then dissapears. -punon (who is currently waist deep in math practice sheets :/)

That is one of my favorite jokes, let me tell you. And I can relate to your math situation. I used to like math, but after Calculus I just gave up. It sucked super hard, and math was pretty much the only class I had homework in every night.

But how about a math-related pun to keep you motivated?

Why doesn’t the world run out of math teachers? Because they’re always multiplying. *Ba-dum tsh*