maths ugh

  • Yoosung: It's not that I hate you...
  • V: Really? I-
  • Yoosung: It's just that if you were on fire and I had a glass of water. I'd drink it.
  • V:
Mr Iero

This was a smut request from my friend Makayla, about getting into trouble with your teacher, Mr Iero. 
I don’t usually write Frank fan fics but this might just be a one off :) I hope you enjoy! 

Ugh, math. Your stared down at the work sheet in front of you, pencil rubbing covering the page and the rest of your desk. If there was one thing you hated, it was math. When were you ever going to use math in your life, it’s not like you were going to need to use Pythagoras when at the supermarket. Sighing, you looked up from your work sheet, your gaze landing on your very attractive teacher. Mr Iero. Okay so math wasn’t so bad, your teacher was so attractive, and he had a great sense of humour. He may have had some influence on your bad grades in math, but in your opinion they shouldn’t hire such attractive teachers, they’re just asking for failure. You and your friend liked to play the game of what if, which consisted of texting what if’s about Mr Iero. More than often you started the conversation, it was better than doing math. Today’s conversation went a bit like this

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ok, ok, okokok, like team losers, like 86.7658648% done, with lindsay being the 50% and gav being the other bit whatever that is, ugh math fuk, ufkc off marth is hard

mmmm i dunni what to give gavin else but fuc kit i might think if something, day three, will i finish michale? hopefully, idk

Me in Math Class
  • Teacher: The formula is x equals negative b plus or minus the square root of b squared minus--
  • Me: *hand raises without permission*
  • Teacher: Yes?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: But why.
  • Teacher: Why what?
  • Me: Why does the formula work?
  • Teacher: Well it just does, there’s a long explanation behind it but--
  • Me: Okay, then what’s the explanation?
  • Entire Class: Taylor who cares shut up
  • Teacher: We don’t have time for that.
  • Me: But why not?
  • Teacher: It's very long and beyond what you've been taught.
  • Me: Can you summarize it?
  • Teacher: You're taking away from class time. Just memorize the formula.

lylilunapotter  asked:

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20 (intrusive) questions

2) when was the last time you cried and why: a couple of days ago, because I was feeling very single, lmao

4) do you smile at strangers: no, I barely even look at strangers, haha. I’ll occasionally exchange eye contact in silent communication when on public transit (eg. that glance that says “yeah, that dude ranting about politics is annoying but we can’t actually do anything so let’s just roll our eyes at each other”)

6) how is your life different now from two years ago: I’m in grad school, and I have my own apartment, now. sweet freedom from my parents

8) are you a jealous person: envious, (as in, envy of people who have money and fancy shit,) yes. jealous? not really.

10) do you believe in ghosts: nope. at the risk of sounding like a pretentious asshole, none of the evidence people present for the existence of ghosts is sufficient to convince me. a lot of shit that people say is ‘haunted’ is anecdotal and reeks of confirmation bias.

14) whats your most bizarre pet peeve: oh god I have so many that are ‘strange’ in some way, let me list a couple

- the Fahrenheit temperature scale. just, its entire existence. it’s just so arbitrarily defined, good grief.

- anti-math sentiment and the glorification thereof, people encouraging other people to give up on math because “everyone finds it hard and boring anyway”, how badly math is taught in elementary schools, how a lot of math programs have a shit culture that is especially hostile to women and minority groups in general, etc. math is beautiful—I’ve cried over beautiful proofs—and it’s a fucking tragedy that it’s so badly taught that so many people grow to hate it. to be clear: I’m not hating on people who dislike math, I’m hating on the conditions of society as a whole that led to mathematics being considered this way. oh god, don’t get me started, I could write an essay on this, probably

15) what is your favorite memory: I got to go to this really cool physics camp when I was in high school, so my memories of that place are probably my favourite ones