maths procrastination

some keith things

• him and shiro are best bros but because of the age difference, shiro is hard to talk to about things with sometimes

• sometimes when he sees the garrison trio his stomach drops and he has to look away because he’s never had a friendship like theirs, where they seem to make the most of being stuck in space a million miles from home by making silly puns and jokes

• keith never realized how lonely he actually was until he sees lance and pidge leaning on hunk, watching tv. they’re so comfortable around eachother?

• he talks to the mice sometimes

• pidge finds out about his obsession with conspiracy theories and they go onto a ‘haunted’ planet together (with the permission of coran of course). they become best buds there after being chased out by something they couldn’t see. It was traumatising and they agreed to never go again.

• hunk realized how touch deprived keith was so he always took the opportunity to hug him and even though he never returned the hugs at first, keith began to initiate the hugs later on

• he started telling pidge about his crushes. he told her about lance and she was not suprised and then he told her about rolo which earned him a hard punch.

• lance took one look one long look at keith and dragged him to his room. “your pores are filthy, kogane!” he got keith to wear face masks and forced him to wash his hair “your mullet wouldn’t look so bad if you washed it often, it’s so greasy wth”

• lance checks up on keith to make sure he’s getting enough “beauty sleep” almost every night until keith gets annoyed “if you want to sleep with me so bad, you could just ask instead of being creepy in the doorway!” “yes.” “…what?” “…”

• in conclusion he no longer feels left out of the trio, they bond over their hatred for iverson and the trio can’t get enough of the shit keith managed to pull off at the garrison without getting caught. he still refuses to tell anyone why he was kicked out though

Japanese Rude/Swear Words & Insults

ぶす (busu) - ugly
でぶ  (debu)  - fatty
貴様 (kisama)  - rude way of saying ‘you’
てめえ(temee) - another rude way of saying 'you’

あま  (ama)  - bitch
やりまん (yariman) - slut
ばいた (baida) - whore
馬鹿  (baka)  - idiot
くそがき (kusogaki)  - unpleasant brat
嘘つき (usotsuki) - liar
弱虫 (yowamushi) - coward

うるさい (urusai) - shut up
うぜんだよ (uzendayo) - fuck off
死ね (shine) - die!

どけ (doke) - get out of the way
あほか (aho ka) - are you an idiot?
だまれこのやろう (damare konoyarou)  - shut up you bastard!
地獄へいけ (jigoku he ike) - go to hell
くそくらえ (kusokurae)  - eat shit
ふざけるな (fuzakeruna) - don’t mess with me

if you never hear of me again; i probably stabbed my geometry set square through my left eye and bled to death.

Okay so I’m watching the DEH bootleg and Alana just did that little Waving Through A Window bit in a transition (and how do people hate her? She’s my favorite) and I was just thinking about how she’s like Evan in how she wants be noticed. That’s why she talks too fast and tries to get in every word, that’s why she does so much and tells everyone about it. She wants to be more than the Invisible Girl, and she’s getting away from that the only way she knows how. She and Evan are very similar people. They have the same core motivation, they just go about getting what they want differently. Evan stays in the shadows and is scared of trying anything until he’s comfortable enough to, but Alana gets in the spotlight. She shoves herself there into it because that’s the only way she doesn’t feel totally alone, and even there it can be lonely because, let’s face it, she is kind of adorkable and not everyone is into that. Anyways this is just a comment on how important that little bit is and I love her and now I’ll go back to procrastinating on math homework.