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lance: so maybe the best thing i can do for the team is step aside

also keith: hey lance you suck at math

superheroes - peter parker

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader (Tony Stark friendship with reader and Peter as well)

Summary: Peter and Ned are keeping something from Y/N, and she is determined to find out what. But, can she without letting her secret slip through too?


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Here’s another imagine for y'all! Hope you like it! It’s a little long lol. Some of y'all were asking about a masterlist and yes! Below:



It had been exactly six days, four hours, and forty-two minutes since you had spoken to Peter or Ned. You didn’t really know how to act like a normal human being without their obnoxious tactics ringing in your ears of every second of every day. Especially since your small crush on Peter was slightly creeping up on you as the days passed on. They were your best friends, always had been. But, this time, it wasn’t a delicate topic, apparently.

You had walked up to them at lunch almost a week ago, clutching your lunch tray with both hands, a smile plastered on your face  as you were excited as all to tell them your news about the algebra test getting pushed back to Thursday. All three of you stayed up so late the night before studying for that test, and by the end of the night, none of you had any idea what was going on, which was odd. You usually nailed math within three seconds. But not this time. So, your excitement was very evident on your face.

You approached them, Peter’s back slightly turned around as Ned followed the position, their eyes fixate don something clearly much more important than lunch. Your eyebrows furrowed on confusion as you set down your backpack next to you and your lunch tray in front of you, taking a seat at the gray lunch. Your stare becomes more intent, neither of the boys turning around to notice presence.

“Uh, hello?” you questioned, knocking your knuckles against the hard surface. All of the sudden, their ears perk at the the sudden noise, both heads turning around completely.

Eyebrows raised, you make direct eye contact with Peter, his brown orbs widening at the sight of your presence, “Oh! H-Hey, Y/N.”

Ned’s hair falls in front of his eyes, a guilty yet seemingly confused smile rolls over his lips, shoulders slouching a little, “Heyyyy,” he said, rolling out the ‘y’.

Your arms fold across your chest, suspiciously giving them a stare down, eyes narrowing as they slide from Peter to Ned, and back to Peter, “What are doing back there?” Your tone serious yet skeptical.

Peter shot you a weak smile, “Nothing!” he blurted out suddenly, eyes still widen at your suspicious glare. “We were just checking our work from Mrs. Smith’s lab yesterday.”

“Uh, no,” you interjected, shaking your head, looking at them as if they thought you were stupid, “We turned in our labs yesterday. They’re already graded, Peter.”

His mouth popped open and closed numerous times, looking like a gaping fish out of water, knowing he’d been caught so easily. You scooted up further on the sat, placing your folded arms on the table, “What were you really doing, Peter?” you questioned, your tension rising for the last time.

Ned shot up, belting out before Peter could say anything, “It’s nothing! We can’t tell you, Y/N. Like we really, can’t tell you.”

Peter looked from you to Ned multiple times before shaking his head up and down, signalling his agreement with Ned, “We just can’t.”

What was he hiding?

You felt your tension rise, ruining your previous thoughts, “I would never keep a secret from you two, ever,” you let out sternly, cracking your knuckles.

Lies. You’re such a liar.

Peter and Ned both looked at each other quickly before shooting you a guilty look for what felt like the thousandth time in a matter of five minutes. Your Y/E/C eyes pierced through Ned’s quickly, then shooting toward Peter’s gaze. Y/E/C pierced into his sparkling brown gaze and you felt disconnected with your best friend for the first time in your life. You share everything with each other, why not this.

You felt excluded and betrayed. Picking up your backpack, you roll your eyes in their direction once more before muttering, “Whatever. Guess we’re not as close as I had thought,” the words dripped like venom off your lips, anger bubbling deep inside you. You whisk away quickly, not looking back at what you had thought, your best friends faces.

The next few days, you felt the build up of tension between you and Peter. Every time he would see you in the hallway, he would give you a stern look before slamming his locker shut, ignoring your distant presence, and go to class. You began to realize your slight crush on him was fading, fast. You couldn’t believe how your two friends could keep anything from you, and Peter couldn’t believe you would be mad at him for something as little as an untold secret. He knew you would never keep anything from him, but this was just too big of a matter.

Or so he thought.

“Call Mr. Stark, Jane” you told your suit, yanking your mask off, revealing your sweaty face in the mirror gazing back at you.

“Calling Tony Stark..” Jane, as you liked to call her, initiated the call to Mr. Stark. You slumped down onto your bed, lying back on your pillow in complete exhaustion from this weeks past events.

“Miss Y/N, what can I do for you today?” Tony’s voice now evident in your ear.

You sat up immediately, wrapping your arm around your bedpost, “Yes, Mr. Stark, I was wondering if you had anything for me to possibly do? I’m very… bored,“ you said hesitantly but confidently, yearning for Tony to give you something to do to take your mind off everything going on around in your ‘normal’ life.

Tony’s breath was steady in the earpiece for a few moments before sighing heavily, "Okay, Miss Y/L/N, I have something, well someone I want you to meet. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it. Another… project.”

Your eyes lit up and your heart quickened at the thought of another superhero, “Yes, Mr. Stark! I would love to! Anything I need to know about this other… project?” you questioned, arms bending down to take off your blue and yellow suit, preparing for the mission.

“Yes, actually. They’re around your age, kind of annoying. Rather… talkative,” he said with slight annoyance in his voice.

You chuckled lightly, “Bye, Mr. Stark see you soon!” you yelled a little too excitedly before ending the call as you quickly shoved your suit into your bag. As soon as your foot hit the door mat, your mind instantly began to wonder into thoughts of this other super-human.

What were they like? Were their powers similar to yours? Not many people can teleport and or telepathically communicate with one another. Were they a guy? Oh god, what if he’s hot? Well, may be nice to have some eye candy your age on missions. What if I know them? Oh, c'mon, that’s almost impossible.Th chances of that happening are like a billion to one.

When you arrived at Stark Tower, Tony leading you to your so called 'mission’, your excitement ran up and down your veins. Your stomach did somersaults ever second as your feet kept a steady pace behind Tony.

Interrupting your thoughts, Tony, turned around to speak to you, still walking, “So, Miss Y/L/N, I have had this in mind for quite some time now. I just thought with being the only two teenagers on the team, if you met someone similar to you, you’d feel more comfortable,” he continued, typing in a pass-code on a tablet as you approached a huge gray door.

“But, you know of Spider-Man, right?” he questioned, eyebrows raised at your nervous gaze. Your eyes widened as the name rolled off his tongue.

“O-Of course, I mean he’s a new legend here,” you attempted to let out calmly as Tony still looked at you. “I had no idea he was so young.”

“Oh yes, he’s your age. That’s who I wanted you to meet today, but not 'Spider-Man’. The character behind the mask.”

Your stomach’s somersaults picked up. Oh my god, Spider-Man is a legend. You were a new trainee, so you looked in awe at this young yet legendary person behind the red mask.

Tony opened one last door, turning to you and stopping once you were inside, “Okay, I’ll send him out here. You stay here,” he smiled slightly at you as your head nodded vigorously in his direction. He walked behind yet another large door to retrieve your new colleague.

Okay, act cool. He’s just someone who’s just like you. Tony may even send you on missions with these boy, so you got this. When he walks in, just stick your hand out politely and say to him, “Hello, I’m-”


Your ears instantly heard the familiar sounding voice echo into your ears like something so delicate it would hurt if you didn’t understand what was standing right in front of you. The scratchiness of the tone hit you like a bus, interrupting your thoughts. Slowly yet threateningly, you turned around, glistening brown was what hit you first as your best friend Peter Parker stood in front of you, holding the unrecognizable blue and red suit by his side.

“Oh my god. You’re a superhero?,” you let out, eyes widening at the boy standing in front of you.

Peter blinked rapidly, his mouth barely able to let out any words at your figure holding the blue and yellow suit, “I-I don’t even know what to say.”

You nodded your head in agreement, slowly walking towards him. Your heart rate sped up and your face turned a bright red, due to the fact Peter knew your secret and you know knew his. Your eyes captivated his in a gaze for what felt like years, your breaths now mingling at your close proximity.

You were surprised by your next set of actions. Lifting a hand towards his face, you set it on his face softly, your hands laying on top of his muscular jaw bone, your voice in awe, “I just can’t believe it’s you.”

He smiled softly at your actions, his eyes scanning your face, looking for some kind of explanation. You then realized you now knew what kept you two from talking for a week. Your lips curled into a sly smile, “So, this must have been one big lab Mrs. Smith had to grade.”

His expression switched to a joyful one, reaching forward to wrap his arms around you. You followed him, your arms enveloping him in a bone crushing hug as he muttered in your ear, “You have no idea.”

Mathematical Steven Universe Theory

So, according to the Steven Universe Wiki, Steven’s birthday is on August 15, and Connie had stated in the episode “Steven’s Birthday” that she was 12 ¾. Now, ¾ of 12 (12 months) is 9, and if we go nine months from August, we get December, and the ninth month is September, and there are three more months in the year, and 8 (August) plus 3 equals 11, so Connie’s birthday could be November (This may or not be true, it hasn’t been confirmed, but I theorize it’s November). Now, what day in November? That I cannot calculate. But the name of the month gives us a pretty good idea alone.

*When you nail your Math in this post, even though you barely passed Math last semester*

How  I dealt with math

Anon request: Hey! I’m thinking about studying psychology, but especially in Germany, where I would want to study it, there’s a shitload of maths and statistic in the beginning. I’m just not good at maths, I have tutoring once a week and I still only have like a B- or C. I read you hated maths too in schoo? I read also a few things about this in your faq, but if you could get a bit more in-depth that would be awesome. I hope I don’t bother you, and thank you for this blog. :*

My experience with math can be is as  follows:

High school: a shit experience 

  • Extremely mediocre- I also did tutoring but did not help much either
  • Grade range: D to B
  • A memorable tutoring lesson where I broke down and cried because I studied damn hard for a test and got an incredibly bad mark - 50-60s I think.
  • As a result had very low self esteem and low self confidence in math.
  • Also lead to later multiple breakdowns when I keep getting 50-60. I almost cried in front of  the teacher. 
  • Didn’t help much when one of my friends cried because she got 99/100 (wtf?) and I got 60ish. This lead to even worse self esteem and practically 0 confidence. 

My problems with math

  • silly mistakes: I would input a number wrong in the calculator, copy a number wrong, calculate a simple sum wrong etc*
  • Transferal failure: failure to apply knowledge from a mathematical theory to another type of problem
  • Confidence and self esteem down the drain 

My solutions

  • Double check every fucking thing. Input number in calculator - double check again. Addition? Double check. 1+1? Double check. Then triple check. Became ultra paranoid.
  • Doing ALL I mean ALL the past papers. Legit from 1995- 2012 (graduate year) I did every fucking problem. I took a day off then I did them again.  AND AGAIN. And then I went through my errors and did them again. This helped so, so much. (in fact I went so far back that a similar type of question from the past paper came up in the exam)
  • I figured that since I did not believe that I would get a good mark I could still try. At least I would be able to cry and say that I have given it my 200% but still failed. Totally prepped myself emotionally for failure. Informed parents I was going to fuck up and searched for alternative pathways.


  • High B. Surprise! 

University stats: A whole new world

  • Difficult BUT I did so much better
  • Topics are interesting and relevant 
  • Peers do not suck as much (nobody cried from 99) 


  • Did not came in stats with a similar belief that I would fail. Much more confident. 
  • consistent revision. Revise, revise, revise. 
  • Not giving up. Stare at problem for 4 days if necessary to find out how to do it. The solution WILL come sooner or later.
  • Literally just past papered my way to a good grade. 

What you should take away from this

  • Don’t fucking give up. Keep on trying. Try even if you think you are going to fail. 
  • Do past papers, keep up revision.
  • Uni is different from high school. You could be a top fish in school but end up being plankton in uni. 
  • Seriously, just claw your way up in math by tooth and nail. Even if tears are streaming down your face and everything in you says you are gonna fail. Its not easy but its possible. 
Signs as Pokemon

aries: gogoat

taurus: tauros

gemini: plusle and minun

cancer: kingler

leo: pyroar

virgo: gardevoir

libra: lampent

scorpio: drapion

sagittarius: rapidash

capricorn: vaporeon

aquarius: manaphy

pisces: magikarp

What the Signs are Bad at.

Libra: Going to sleep early.

Leo: Remembering names.

Cancer: Math.

Capricorn: Clipping their nails.

Aries: Art.

Aquarius: Losing Money.

Scorpio: Texting back.

Sagittarius: Keeping their room clean.

Pisces: Remembering their tumblr password.

Virgo: Cooking.

Taurus: Being nice.

Gemini: Talking back.

when i catch ppl doing something when they think no one is looking like picking at their jacket or twiddling their fingers, i’ll think “i wonder why they do tht without thinking i wonder what is so comforting about tht” so i’ll pick up doing tht thing just to see if i can figure out why they do it or something and anyways in the end im left with a lot of kooky habits from different people. i only bite my nails bc in 8th grade i saw a kid chewing on his nails in math class. sometimes i feel like im keeping peoples secrets.