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Happy Birthday Hachi!

Hachi was born Komatsu Nana, the middle daughter of three, on November 30, 1980.  Her 7th birthday was celebrated with her family in her hometown, smiling and laughing.  Her 21st birthday was celebrated among her friends in Tokyo, smiling and laughing.

Today, her 36th birthday is hopefully being celebrated with her own family and old friends, smiling and laughing.

Fistbump - Peter Parker x Reader (Dad!Tony)

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A/N: im tired. i wanted to watch aou today but that has not happened.

Warnings: A heavy make out session *no smut, this is only somewhat sin*

Request: “a steamy (not smut) Peter Parker x Reader imagine.“ (by @prancing-through-the-rain (ps. sorry this took almost a month)) (pssst…my prompt lists are 1 , 2 please specify which list you are requesting from)

Words: 1190

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Pairing: G-Dragon (Big Bang) x Reader

Genre: Smut (kind of)

Length: 878 words

Warning(s): suggestiveness (loads of it), mild language, MATH !

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Mondays sucked. Like, they really sucked. You rolled your eyes and swung back in your chair, eyes fixed on the torturously slow movement of the clock hand. The clock showed 12:30, and your heart leapt in your chest as you heard the bell ring, giving you permission to escape this prison of a class.

You sprung up out of your seat, whistling a familiar tune, but suddenly froze in your tracks. Shit. No. Math test. Your mother had severely warned you about what she expected from this test. She’d said you’d have to consider the serious consequences of doing badly in school otherwise.

You groaned internally. As if you’d had time to revise for this stupid test. Rolling your eyes, you slumped back down in your seat as the other students swiftly made their way out of the classroom to get lunch. You pulled out your math book and reluctantly opened it to the topic you were meant to have studied for.

You heard the door open loudly, followed by the sound of footsteps approaching your desk. You looked up to see Kwon Jiyong, a tall boy in the year above you.

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Monday, October 10th 2016

This picture was from two nights ago but whatever lol. I’m feeling seriously stressed for the first time ever this year because of my chemistry test this Friday. I’ve missed two classes out of the six we had for this unit, which is… not good. It basically means that the next 3 days of my life will be wholly focused on chemistry, because I’m determined to overcome this. At least, I hope I do… :(

P.S. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! This pumpkin pie was VEGAN, can you believe it? I was so happy when I found it!

So on Monday my math teacher went on a 40 minute rant about how lady Gaga’s stomach was offensive to her on the halftime show at the super bowl. She told me I shouldn’t wear a bikini because I have belly rolls. So a group of people in another class (who got the same exact rant in a different period) complained to the principal. So today instead of accepting the consequences of what she did, she told us we were no longer allowed to have opinions in the class because we were too “immature” to accept her fat shaming. She pretended she didn’t say any of what she said. Then she told the class it was ME who reported her. Anyway my math teacher is a sack of shit who humiliated me twice in 3 days and called me fat then gaslit the class and accused me of doing something because she didn’t want to take responsibility for her actions?

scribbles || smornby. pg-13. ~550 words

Anonymous said: Can you do the writing notes on the desk prompt for smornby?

‘FUCK. THIS. CLASS’ was the elegantly written note that Ross Hornby found on the bottom right corner of his desk in his maths class one fine Monday morning. It was written in black dry erase marker, clearly, as a few of the letters were already smudged. Smiling cheekily, Ross erased the c and l from the word class and graciously added the word ‘pls’ beneath it. He chuckled quietly, giving himself a theoretical pat on the back for his own cheap humor as he returned his attention to the teacher and continued his notes.

On Tuesday Ross found another note written from the angry, all caps fellow from before. ‘u’d like that wouldnt u’ it read this time, and Ross cocked an eyebrow and shrugged a shoulder because, well, yeah he would. He smiled as he erased the marker from the desk and got out his own red dry erase marker and began to write his reply. ‘are you sexting me through a desk?’ he wrote and added a cheeky ;-) emoticon to the side.

It was Wednesday before Ross knew it and he was starting to anticipate the responses he would get from this other person who seemed to share in his hatred of maths. ‘i bet ur a kinky one’ the desk read today, and Ross rolled his eyes. This was some kind of fuckboy he must have been talking to. ‘wouldn’t you like to find out.’ was Ross’ simple and teasing response this time. He couldn’t help but wonder what this other person looked like.

As Ross entered his class Thursday morning he saw someone sitting in his desk, writing in a black dry erase marker. Ross stopped in the doorway and took in the situation. The other boy was beautiful, to say the least. He had messy, brunette hair and bright blue eyes and such a lean body. The boy was so trained on writing his response that his tongue stuck out of his mouth in concentration as his eyebrows furrowed. Ross couldn’t help but smile as he watched the boy finish his message. He decided it was time to act as he retrieved his red marker from his backpack and approached the boy.

Without a single word he took the boys hand and began to write his number on the pale skin there. The boy looked shocked momentarily, but smiled once he realized who he was and just exactly what was happening. The brunette stood up and looked down at his hand.

“Ross, huh?” He asked, and oh lord is voice was as smooth as caramel toppings on a sundae. Ross’ breath almost caught in his throat so he decided to just nod in response. The brunette smiled wider. “Alex”

“Alex.” Ross nodded, smiling now with him. “Text me?” He asked as he placed his backpack on his desk and began to get his notebooks out.

“Of course. And I guess my predictions were correct.” Alex responded before turning on his heels and exiting the classroom. At that, Ross looked down at the message Alex had been writing when he entered the room. ‘i bet ur hot af’ it said, and Ross smiled as a faint blush began to paint his cheeks, his phone vibrating across the desk from receiving a text.

stupid things my teachers have done

aries: take FIVE WEEKS to hand an assignment’s grade back

taurus: enroll me in literature

gemini: tell the fittest/most buff guy in our year to take ballet classes (this happened the other day i am 100% serious)

cancer: let me walk in and out of class as i please

leo: force me to take maths ATAR

virgo: act like they know what they are doing when the principle walks in

libra: make a GROUP assignment worth 50% of my grade

scorpio: bitched about a student right in front of them

sagittarius: give my friend a detention for having her shirt slightly un-tucked for the first time in her life

capricorn: walk into science class thinking we are her year 12 religion class and start lecturing us on manners 

aquarius: give a MATHS investigation on monday and not teach it to the class (due on friday)… then not show up until friday (not me but to my friends

pisces: tell me off for listening to music… after school

Title: Six New Messages from Bokuto Koutarou
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairings: BokuHina
Characters: Hinata Shouyou, Bokuto Koutarou
Rating: Teen
Warnings: None
Summary/Prompt: Rarepair Week Day 2: Distance - Hinata tries to do homework and Bokuto’s texts distract him.
Notes: None~!

Hinata sighed heavily as he exited Karasuno’s clubroom, shutting the door quietly behind him and making his way towards the stairs. He was not looking forward to going home. The only thing that awaited him at home was an oversized pile of homework that he needed to have finished by next Monday. Math, Japanese, English, and Japanese History each had its own separate pile sitting on the middle blocker’s desk in his room.

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