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Aaron Carpenter - Study partner

Request:  Can you do an Aaron imagine where Aaron is the school nerd and (Y/N) and him have to do a project together which shes not happy about and when they go to Aaron’s house, she realizes how cute and funny he is. Thanks, Sorry if it’s a lot xx


I was sitting at math class, watching the clock as the minutes passed by really slowly. I hated math and I’m sure math hated me just as much. It was useless, I mean, parts of it. I knew the basics but why do we have to learn all those stupid things?

I usually didn’t listened, but this time something caught my attention.

“So as the latest test results were piteous I will try a new technique” my teacher Mrs. Sanders told the class. I got a D on my last test and my other marks were just the same.

“I will assign every student who has difficulties a study partner, so they can help them! Now the pairs.”

She started to list the pairs and I was praying to get a decent partner.

“Y/N Y/L/N will be in pair with Aaron Carpenter” Mrs. Sanders announced and I knew I was fucked up.

Aaron was like a total nerd. He had straight As in every subject and I’m sure in the future he will just save the human kind or something like that, because he was so smart. But also he was kinda shy, I never heard him talking, he always was just with his other nerdy friends. I didn’t want to be stuck with him on my afternoons.

When the class ended I turned to Aaron who glanced at me awkwardly.

“Hey, so I guess we need to meet after school” I said trying to hide my disappointment.

“Right, you can come over if it’s okay for you” he said shyly. I shrugged.

He gave me his address and then I left. I still had a few classes and after that I headed to my car to find Aaron’s house.

Actually he lived not so far from me. I parked in front of their house, got out of the car and then rang the doorbell. Aaron answered the door, but he looked different now. Usually he had weird shirts on and pants that looked like he just stole them from his grandfather. But now he was wearing an ordinary T-shirt and some shorts, he looked better like that.

“Hey, come in” he smiled at my stepping out of the way. Their house looked nice and cosy, they had a lot of photos around of different people and of course Aaron.

He led me to his room where he already had all kind of books and things out.

“Where are your parents? Is it okay if I’m in your room?” I asked because my parents didn’t let me be alone with a boy in my room.

“They are at work, but they trust me, so it’s okay” he shrugged. I put my bag down and then he started to explain me the things we learnt last and I have to admit he was good, I started to get the hard parts too.

“So what if this is zero?” I asked pointing at the equation.

“Then there is no solution.”

“Oh, good, I like that version” I laughed and wrote it down so I would understand it later too.

“Yes, it’s easy that way. Alright, do you want something to drink?” he asked me smiling. He wasn’t that shy now like he was at school.

“Yes, thank you. Actually can we take a break, please?” I glanced up at him smiling.

“Yeah, sure.”

He left and went down to the kitchen. I started to look around in his room. He had some photos of himself with his friends and family, a lot of books and then there were a self full of movies.

“Here” he said as he got back with two glasses with lemonade in them.

“Thanks” I grabbed it from him. “You saw all these movies?” I asked nodding towards the shelf.

“Uhm, yeah, I like superhero movies.” He stood next to me and I felt that he was scared what I would say to this. But my answer definitely surprised him.

“Captain America is my favourite” I said smiling and it was true. Lately I watched a lot of boyish movies, I was tired of girly shits.

“Really? You saw both movies?”

“Yes, but the first one was better if you ask me.”

“I’m more like a Spider-man fan” he admitted.

“Oh I saw those too, the new and the old ones. And I heard about the new Spidey, that young guy, I don’t know his name.”

“Yes, I heard about that too, but I think Andrew Garfield was a good Spider-man. You know, I never thought you liked these kind of movies.”

“And I thought that you were too shy but you are cool if you loosen up” I said nudging him with my elbow.

“Yeah, I just don’t like attention” he answered shrugging.

“That’s okay, but why do you dress like your grandpa?” I asked in confusion. I was sure he got way better clothes than those he wore to school.

“My mom makes me wear those and I don’t really care about it, but I have to admit I love these kind of clothes” he said pointing at himself.

“This is way better, you should dress like that more.”

He smiled at me shyly putting down his glass and tugged his hands into his pockets.

“I don’t know, Y/N.”

“ But I know. Come on, let’s see what we got here.”

He helped me with math now I helped him with his style. I was right, he had some cool clothes. I picked out some things for him and told him I would pick him up in the morning.

When I got there the next day he was wearing the things we agreed on. He got into my car and seemed quite nervous.

“It’s okay Aaron, you look good!” I encouraged him. I drove to the school and when we got out of the car everyone was watching us. Aaron felt awkward but I wanted him to open up a little bit more so everyone could see how cool he was.

I introduced him to my friends and I got to know his friends. They all were just like Aaron, cool just too shy to show it.

By the end of the day I showed Aaron that if he opens up for other people they will accept him more. After that we got really close with Aaron and I helped his friends too so the other students didn’t see them as a bunch of nerds. They were cool guys and finally everyone could see this.

This morning
I literally died
Because I couldn’t stop
laughing at some joke

Then at about 10
I metaphorically died
As my teacher embarrassed me
When I didn’t know the answer

An hour later
I almost died
But I stopped laughing
Just in time

At 1:02 sharp
I died again
Of starvation since
I hadn’t had a snack since 1

At about three
I seriously died
This time of boredom
During math

Five o'clock
I died a little
On the inside
As I cried over a sad book

I’ve died too many times today
And I’m curious
Would I use the words
I died
So casually
If I knew what death was

—  Literally?