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Rivalry || Jughead Jones

Prompt from anon: Hi there! I reaaaally love your blog and your writing! And I’d like to request a fic in which jughead and reader are rivals (both smart and witty) but they secretly admire each other. Thank you in advance!

A/N: This was a tough one to write, and I’m afraid I made it rather short, but I hope you enjoy it!

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“Now, does anyone know the square root of—”


Jughead rolled his eyes as you got the answer right. Again. He saw your smug smile as you looked at him and he scoffed, sitting back in his chair.

Ah yes, the rivalry of Y/N L/N and Jughead Jones III. It was well-known throughout the town.

For some reason, you and Jughead had a rivalry that went all the way back to elementary school. On the outside, the two of you despised each other, always talking to your friends about how much you hated the other.

However on the inside, it was a different story.

There was a mutual admiration for the other side. A secret enjoyment of the competition. One could even go as far to say that the two of you liked each other. Not that either of you would admit it to anyone. You loved to hate each other too much.

He sighed as you got the next question correct and looked at the clock. Math wasn’t his strongest subject. On the other hand, English, which was next period, was his favorite. And your Achilles heel. You looked back at him again only to see him smiling conceitedly at you this time, his finger pointing to the clock. Your smile dropped, seeing that the period was ending in three minutes. Then it was onto English. You glared at Jughead and faced forward again, listening intently to your teacher.

The bell rang before you knew it and you began to pack up your stuff. You didn’t realize that Jughead had made his way over to you and was waiting for you to notice him. You nearly jumped out of your skin when you spotted him directly next to you.

“Jesus,” you said, surprised and looked up at Jughead. “Yes, Jones, how may I help you?”

Despite the two of you being on a last name basis, you couldn’t ignore the butterflies in your stomach as he smirked at you.

“L/N,” he stated, the words smoothly rolling off his tongue. “What are you doing after school?”

You rose your eyebrows at that. The two of you never conversed, let along hung out. You decided to humor him and play along.

“Well, I was going to go to the movies in the city, but I’m interested in hearing what you have to say.” you said as the two of you began walking down the hallway to your next class.

Everyone looked at the both of you, wondering why you were talking to one another.

Didn’t you two hate each other?

Jughead chuckled.

“Well, I was wondering if you wanted to go Pop’s with me after school?” he asked casually.

You bit back a smile.

“Jughead Jones, are you asking me on a date?” you asked as you reached your classroom, turning around to face him.

He smiled cheekily at you.

“Pop’s. 3:15. We’ll talk more after class.” he said before walking past you into the English classroom.

You bit the inside of your cheek and shook your head, smiling as you followed him into the classroom.

As the teacher began the lesson and Jughead began answering every question flawlessly, you were unable to focus, your mind on your and Jughead’s date after school. After one particular question, Jughead mimicked your actions from earlier, and turned around to look at you with a shit-eating grin on his face. You snorted and sat back in your chair, shaking your head.

Damn you, Jughead Jones.


A/N: Hope you liked it! Send me feedback!


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kevinw42  asked:

A man wakes up one day and finds that all of his furniture has been shifted one inch to the left.

I woke up 2.3 minutes later than usual today. It took me a while to investigate and figure out the reason, but I eventually surmised it was due to the sun. Usually the sun rays hit my eyes at precisely 6:59 AM, but not today. I realized it was my bed which was moved precisely 2.54 cm away from the window, allowing for the later wake up.

I repositioned my bed and went to the living room to brew my morning coffee. Unfortunately, it seems my calculations were once again out of alignment. The breeze wasn’t sufficient to cool my drink, and I ended up burning my tongue.

What a bother. I went to check my barometric data. Spot on as usual. Once again it seemed the position of my furniture was at fault. My sofa was off of its ideal coffee cooling location. 2.54 cm off to be precise. This was starting to get on my nerves.

Before proceeding with my morning rituals, I went to check the rest of my furniture. My desk was 2.54 cm off. My nightstand as well. My grandfather clock was only 2.53 cm off. No wait, my bad, a miscalculation again. My measuring stand was also 2.54 cm off, throwing off my math. The grandfather clock was 2.54 cm off as well.

This was a blight on my house. A mathematical nightmare. Who would do such a thing?

I stared at the clock again, studying the patterns of dust in the floor. In my study, I nearly failed to notice the actual time. I was 13.4 minutes late for work. Oh, what a bother.

I ran as quickly as I could, taking the most optimal route as possible. Unfortunately, it seemed like the park benches were somehow also moved 2.54 cm off of their usual location. I miscalculated the location of one of them and ended up falling face first into the grass. This was truly the work of an insidious mastermind.

Finally, I limped my way to the office. I walked towards my cubicle with caution, lest the office desks and chairs were also somehow moved. I couldn’t trust my calculations or my memory anymore. The office seemed fine, until I reached my desk. I didn’t need to measure anything this time to know the entire thing was moved exactly 2.54 cm in all directions.

I turned towards to Lydia from accounting. Her desk was right across from mine. She sat there, a sly smile on her face, and a measuring tape 2.54 cm from the edge of her desk.

eternalkazumi  asked:

Hey! (: Can you recommend me an apps for studying? I often spend my time outside because I have a lot of extracurricular activities. Meanwhile I am always got my phone on my hand everywhere than my notebook. Thank u!

Hello! Of course! Here are some apps that might interest you (I’ll try to separate them into categories):

Time Management & Productivity Apps:

  • Flattomato - a pomodoro timer app.
  • 30/30 - another type of productivity timer like the one above.
  • Maths Alarm Clock - makes you solve a maths question before turning your alarm off to ensure that you wake up. 
  • Timetable - again just one example because there are a lot of timetabling apps so definitely check out alternatives to find one that suits you / is available on your device.
  • Timeful -  acts as a calendar and to-do list, allowing you to keep your entire schedule in just one place.
  • Remember The Milk - a to-do list app.
  • Wunderlist - another to do list (this is the one that I tend to use).
  • EpicWin - each “task / to do” you complete earns XP which can be used to improve an in-app character.

Note Taking:

  • Evernote - gather your notes, ideas, and thoughts in one place, organised in notebooks.
  • Prezi - create presentations across devices.
  • Super Notes -  allows the saving of notes, recordings, images and more.
  • OneNote -  type, hand write, draw, and clip things from the web to get down your thoughts into your notebook.

Study Apps:

  • GoConqr -  create online Mind Maps, Flashcards, Online Notes and Quizzes 
  • My Study Life -  see homework due and overdue for classes, classes which conflict with your exams and even add revision tasks for a specific exam.
  • Khan Academy -  learn using videos, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles.

Mental Health:

  • Viridi - nurture some succulents; I find it very relaxing.
  • Code Blue - “provide teenagers struggling from depression or bullying with support when they need it. Users can choose several contacts to be part of their support group. With just a few taps, the app will alert the support group that the user needs immediate help.” 
  • Lantern - “combines cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques with advice from real experts. Users start by taking an assessment test to determine their strengths and weaknesses in five areas: body, stress/anxiety, mood, sleep, and social life. Lantern provides daily exercises tailored to suit users’ needs based on the results of their assessment. Each user is also matched with a professional coach trained in CBT who can provide feedback and answer any questions.”
  • BellyBio - teaches a breathing technique that’s helpful for anxiety disorders.
  • Optimism - “track your moods, keep a journal, and chart your recovery progress with this comprehensive tool for depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders.” 
  • Relax Melodies -  mix and match nature sounds with new age music.

Reference & Other:

  • The Oxford Dictionary /  Merriam-Webster - there are lots of other dictionary apps but I think these are the main two that people use.
  • Photomath - scans equations and solves mathematical problems.
  • Babylon - a translation app.
  • RealCalc Scientific Calculator - for if you leave your calculator at home but need a scientific one, not just the average built in one.
  • TED - educational talks and presentations.
  • Sworkit - exercise & fitness; can create five minute exercise plans.
  • Circle of 6 - safety app; good for walking at night / whenever you feel unsafe; there are lots of similar apps so worth checking the stores to find one that suits you and your needs.

If anyone has any other app recs please add them in the notes and replies!

Title: Your owner


Member: J-hope/Jung Hoseok

AU: Puppy Hybrid

Genre: fluff, smutishhhh

A/N: Okay, this was a request so I tried to keep it the way it was requested. However, I’m thinking about making a second part.. SO EVERY FEEDBACK IS APRECIATED. As is every request.<3 


4 years ago

 19. December

“Dear Santa Claus, this Christmas I want a friend. It can be a furry friend too. Something like a puppy. This year I have been a good girl and I have been listening to my parents. I believe that you will make my wish come true”

Paper after paper, letter after letter. It has to be perfect. Even though I know that Santa Claus is only my precious parents this letter has to be perfect. I’ve been asking for a puppy since I was six. I have a feeling that this year is going to be the year. This year I will finally have my puppy. A brown one, almost red and it will be one of those little creatures that will turn into big guarding dogs.

With the thoughts of my future friend, I ran down the stairs from my bedroom to the living room. My mum was in the middle of heated explanation how the latest book she was reading made absolute no sense while dad was listening and smiling as if he sees mum for the first time. Their love was adorable, their love for pets…not so much.

“It’s done. Mum here. It is even written on Christmas paper. I put a lot of effort in it.”

She smiled at me with her really warm smile that always made me believe that there is hope. Of course she knew what I wanted, because every year I ask for the same thing.

 “I know honey. I’m going to give it to Santa and let him decide. How about that? Now go to bed.” 

“Yes mama. Dad, good night. I love you both.” I feel like this time I made it. This puppy is mine.

Running up the stairs back to my room, I jumped on the bed, curling in the blanket, hugging my little stuffed bunny and dreaming of endless games with my new furry friend, who I was sure I’m getting. He is going to be my little bundle of hope. Hope, this is going to be his name. Hope.

25. December

The moment my sleepy eyes opened, I felt the Christmas rush running through my body. I jumped right through the door of my room.

“Christmas!!!” The shout pierced the air, leaving little feelings of Christmas joy though the air, just like snowflakes.  “Darling, I see you are excited.” really mummy, really?

“Why is that?” “Like every other kid I’m waiting for my present.” Suddenly a loud knock on the door interrupted my I’m still a child speech. “Will you please go to open the door? I’m little busy making Christmas food. Your Grandmother is coming for dinner.”

Opening the door left me with tears in my eyes. He was everything I have ever wanted. He was brown-red, fluffy, small creature that is going to become my big guardian and he was cuddling in my dad’s arms.

“Merry Christmas.” Dad was all big smiles. He hated dogs five days ago, but now he looked so happy as if my mum gave birth again.

Tears from happiness were making a new Niagara under me while I muttered only one word 




 “You are legal. Congrats on being able to buy alcohol in which you are gonna drawn yourself, because you have no boyfriend. Your best friend, Anni.” Read I out load, looking at my best friend, not knowing what to say. “Should I say thanks or should I smack you with the biology book, which by the way is 550 pages.” “I’m only honest. I love you so much, but you have to find yourself a man. Even I, the biggest nerd have a boyfriend.” She said looking at the direction of our legendary football team and particular at the leader of the team, Sehun, who Inna has been dating for almost a year now. “Thank you for reminding me, even on my birthday, that I’m miserable. I appreciate that.” My mood was slowly dying, no matter the fact it was my birthday. “Always here for you. Look, I am saying this as a friend, the only thing you love in your life is Hope and your parents. And Hope is a dog. A big, big dog, but a dog none the less. You can’t expect a boyfriend when you treat your dog like one.” “Excuse you, but actually I prefer Hope to man. If Hope was a man…then he was going to be the perfect man. But he is a dog. So I prefer the dog instead of a horny hormone creature.” Daggers were send my way as my BFF only rolled her eyes and sighed deeply.

Anni, actually, has been my best friend for the last three years and no matter the situation I know I can always rely on her. Through the day she is a good student following the rules, queen of the school, through the night she is the queen of the parties.

However I wasn’t. Parties have never been my thing. Too loud, too sweaty, too many bodies in the same places, too much smell of sex. On party you can meet boys our age, but almost all of them are only horny bastards waiting for a quick fuck.

“The dog can’t bring you the pleasure a man can.” She looked at me with the face *Got you* and she actually did “Don’t you dare telling me you don’t touch yourself at the thought of a handsome stranger ravishing you. I know all your kinks. I have gone through your phone.”

Flaming red spread on my cheeks. It was true I had some kinks and that whenever I feel like it or I was bored to death at home my fingers instantly disappeared under my pajama shorts. I am an experimental kind of person. I have tried all kind of things on my feels. Inna calls it “NOT HAVING A MAN”, I call it “Learning about myself.

“But still…I want to find a man that fits into my criteria list. Not some random dude that won’t even be able to satisfy me and my needs. I am a bratty little creature sometimes.” “You tell me that. Sometimes even I don’t know how to live with you.”

As the talk was progressing from 0 to 100 real quick, we heard a “There you are.” And came face to face with Sehun.” Happy birthday pup Y/N. You will be able to buy alcohol and get drunk because you have no boyfriend. Congrats.” This two have been going out for too long. They even say the same things now. “Are you two a couple by any chance? Because just like I’m gonna hit her with the biology book, I will hit you with the philosophy one, which is just as big.” I said smiling sarcastically at the tall giant standing in front of us. He smiled back with his *you won’t do it* smile.

“Guys, listen. As my only friends I proudly invite you to at our family dinner dedicated to my birthday. This is an exclusive invitation that no else has the privilege to become.” “Does it involve your mother chocolate German cake?” they said at the same time looking at me. But I have already predicted this question “For who do you take me? Of course it has my mums’ chocolate German cake.” “We are in.” they said together again. Sometimes I’m thinking if their minds are just two halves of only one. The sound of the bell interrupted our chat about the dinner table tonight. And the teacher walked into the room like a dictator and I was ready to fight this math class.

Thank God the clock decided to move faster and in no time school was finished, the subway came fast and on time, I was home earlier than expected. The moment the door opened I was greeted with a bark of happiness and no light at all.

The house was empty and almost no sound could be heard, expect for the steps of a giant dog coming my way. “Hope! How have you been big boy? Have you eaten yet?” he barked and I knew he haven’t eaten yet. ”Okay, I understand. Since you have been a very good boy lately and I have birthday today, I brought you something special.” I said pulling out his favorite snack, small white chocolate granules, puting them in his cup and sitting next to him. His brown fur turned more red with time and by now it is almost dusted red.

“Hope, I recently had a dream. In it I had a boyfriend. He was really handsome. Somehow it reminded me of you. Can you imagine if you were a human? I imagine you being really handsome. If you were a man, then I would’ve gladly fallen in love with you, because I know you will be great.” 

And for a moment Hope stopped eating and looked at me. Like he actually knew what I was talking about. Like he understood me and any second he was going to turn into human. But he didn’t do anything. Only continue watching me. 

The front door cracked, heels making noises on the marble floor of the house and I hear my most favorite voice. Mum is back home.

“Honey, are you home?” this honey voice is the reason why I am a good daughter. “I’m in the kitchen with Hope. We were having an interesting chat. ” “Can you help your old mother to do the German chocolate cake. Are Anni and Sehun coming?” “Of course they are. They are my only friends.” “Good, that means less trouble for me. Come here and give me the eggs from the fridge.” 

3 hours later, lots of laughing and joking on our little family birthday dinner, made me so frustrated that I can’t explain it. The handsome stranger. He was stuck in my mind. But also the look on Hope’s face. He was strange lately. Following me around, cuddling me whenever he could. I tell you, just as if he is going to turn into human every second now. I got so distracted in thoughts that I hardly heard when my best friend said “Y/N time to blow your candles and make a wish.” Mum brought out everyone’s favorite cake with so many pink candles. I love pink, therefor my candles were pink, just like the icing of the cake. “Make a wish.” Said Anni, smiling like a proud mother. ”Oh, and don’t tell us about it.” Just as I was about to make a wish a lick on my knee reminded me that Hope was here too. Mum saw him under the table and called out his name. He went next to her and stayed like the perfectly trained dog he was. But his eyes. Those eyes weren’t the eyes of an animal. I swear to god those eyes are human. And I knew what to wish *I wish that my handsome stranger is a real, breathing human being that will satisfy my boyfriend to do list. I want nothing more and nothing less than that.*

The flames from the candles died down just like the family dinner. Soon after everyone were happy and full from my mother’s cooking, we all went to sleep. My father drived both Sehun and Anni, because he didn’t trust the tall giant of a boyfriend. For her my father is like her second father. Always taking care for her like his own daughter.  I helped mum clean the table and soon after I was tugged in the warmth of my blanket in my favorite oversized shirt.

Just as I was about to fall asleep I felt the bed sinking and a giant fluff ball lying next to me.

“Hope, is this necessary? Can’t you sleep on the floor like the other dogs? Or at least don’t sleep on my head.” He looked at me like I’m stupid and not able to understand his reasons for doing this, which I really did not understand. But he didn’t move and I just gave up. “Fine, this is the last night you sleep here. I will let you since is my birthday.” At that time I had no idea how wrong I am and soon sleep took over me and the train to dreamland drove off.

 Morning sun flooded my closed eyes so naturally I hid from it turning to the side of the headboard on my right. It was so cosy and nice and it had abs. The headboard caged me between its arms bringing me warmth and safeness. Wait…MY BED HAS NO HEADBOAR. A HEADBOAR HAS NO STRONG ARMS. AND IT DOESN’T SMELL LIKE HOPE’S SHAMPOO. My eyelids instantly opened and I wasn’t wrong. Caging me between his arms was a stranger. My stranger. The one I dreamed about with the dusty red hair and handsome features. He was lying on my bed half naked, only in grey sweatpants looking like a God while sleeping like a baby. It was a sin to wake him up, but I can’t just let my parents see a total stranger cuddling with their daughter on a Saturday morning. So lightly shaking his arm, the words fell of my mouth “Excuse me, who are you? What are you doing here? Please wake up.” And he did.

 Slowly opening his eyes, I was greeted with a pair of blue orises which I will never mistake. Those were Hope’s baby blue eyes. “Oh you are awake. I’m sorry I didn’t want to scare you. Are you okay?” “Who are you?” a wide gummy smile lit his features making his handsome face even more handsome. “You can’t recognize me? I’m your handsome stranger, the one that came in your dream.” The feeling of shock overtook me. The only breathing creature on the planet knowing about my dream was Hope and he was a dog. ”How do you know about this?”

“Come on Y/n. You really don’t know who I am? My name is Hoseok, but for the last four years you have been calling me Hope.”

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Originally posted by supreme-seven

Broken Things (Chapter 1)

UMMM so yeah i’ve been working on this for the past month (dies) it took forever bc school lmao rip but also bc it started out as me shouting into the void about irl shit that i’ll inevitably start yelling about in the other author’s notes probably but yeah

content warnings for hospitals, anxiety, thanos, and hella angst

also this fic was inspired by this lovely angsty song by my boi ryan adams so be sure to give it a listen for Advanced Feelings

(also read on ao3)

Thirteen hours, fifty-seven minutes, thirty-three seconds.

She turns the numbers over in her head, her vision locked on the circular Terran device hanging on the wall. Her elbows rest on her knees, her entire upper body leaning forward in a slump. Her fingers curl themselves uncomfortably around each other—tight, tight, tighter, until her hands shake.

She blinks. The “hand” of the Terran clock has moved one tiny notch.

Thirty-four seconds.

Around her are big, wide, Terran eyes, belonging to others who are there for the same reason as she. She’s seen a rotation of different faces over the course of her hours there, everyone’s expressions more or less a reflection of the pit in her belly, the fluttering in her chest, the breath lodged in her throat like a pebble caught in a crevice.

She should not be here. She—green, foreign, alien—should not be here.

But, given the circumstances, this appears to be the least of the Terrans’—humans’—concerns.

Keep reading

  • kylo, after sex: wow wasn't that amazing?
  • hux, thinking about the time the mass of a TIE fighter was exactly 42069 kg: it was ok
Aaron Carpenter - Study partner

Request:  Can you do an Aaron imagine where Aaron is the school nerd and (Y/N) and him have to do a project together which shes not happy about and when they go to Aaron’s house, she realizes how cute and funny he is. Thanks, Sorry if it’s a lot xx


I was sitting at math class, watching the clock as the minutes passed by really slowly. I hated math and I’m sure math hated me just as much. It was useless, I mean, parts of it. I knew the basics but why do we have to learn all those stupid things?

I usually didn’t listened, but this time something caught my attention.

“So as the latest test results were piteous I will try a new technique” my teacher Mrs. Sanders told the class. I got a D on my last test and my other marks were just the same.

“I will assign every student who has difficulties a study partner, so they can help them! Now the pairs.”

She started to list the pairs and I was praying to get a decent partner.

“Y/N Y/L/N will be in pair with Aaron Carpenter” Mrs. Sanders announced and I knew I was fucked up.

Aaron was like a total nerd. He had straight As in every subject and I’m sure in the future he will just save the human kind or something like that, because he was so smart. But also he was kinda shy, I never heard him talking, he always was just with his other nerdy friends. I didn’t want to be stuck with him on my afternoons.

When the class ended I turned to Aaron who glanced at me awkwardly.

“Hey, so I guess we need to meet after school” I said trying to hide my disappointment.

“Right, you can come over if it’s okay for you” he said shyly. I shrugged.

He gave me his address and then I left. I still had a few classes and after that I headed to my car to find Aaron’s house.

Actually he lived not so far from me. I parked in front of their house, got out of the car and then rang the doorbell. Aaron answered the door, but he looked different now. Usually he had weird shirts on and pants that looked like he just stole them from his grandfather. But now he was wearing an ordinary T-shirt and some shorts, he looked better like that.

“Hey, come in” he smiled at my stepping out of the way. Their house looked nice and cosy, they had a lot of photos around of different people and of course Aaron.

He led me to his room where he already had all kind of books and things out.

“Where are your parents? Is it okay if I’m in your room?” I asked because my parents didn’t let me be alone with a boy in my room.

“They are at work, but they trust me, so it’s okay” he shrugged. I put my bag down and then he started to explain me the things we learnt last and I have to admit he was good, I started to get the hard parts too.

“So what if this is zero?” I asked pointing at the equation.

“Then there is no solution.”

“Oh, good, I like that version” I laughed and wrote it down so I would understand it later too.

“Yes, it’s easy that way. Alright, do you want something to drink?” he asked me smiling. He wasn’t that shy now like he was at school.

“Yes, thank you. Actually can we take a break, please?” I glanced up at him smiling.

“Yeah, sure.”

He left and went down to the kitchen. I started to look around in his room. He had some photos of himself with his friends and family, a lot of books and then there were a self full of movies.

“Here” he said as he got back with two glasses with lemonade in them.

“Thanks” I grabbed it from him. “You saw all these movies?” I asked nodding towards the shelf.

“Uhm, yeah, I like superhero movies.” He stood next to me and I felt that he was scared what I would say to this. But my answer definitely surprised him.

“Captain America is my favourite” I said smiling and it was true. Lately I watched a lot of boyish movies, I was tired of girly shits.

“Really? You saw both movies?”

“Yes, but the first one was better if you ask me.”

“I’m more like a Spider-man fan” he admitted.

“Oh I saw those too, the new and the old ones. And I heard about the new Spidey, that young guy, I don’t know his name.”

“Yes, I heard about that too, but I think Andrew Garfield was a good Spider-man. You know, I never thought you liked these kind of movies.”

“And I thought that you were too shy but you are cool if you loosen up” I said nudging him with my elbow.

“Yeah, I just don’t like attention” he answered shrugging.

“That’s okay, but why do you dress like your grandpa?” I asked in confusion. I was sure he got way better clothes than those he wore to school.

“My mom makes me wear those and I don’t really care about it, but I have to admit I love these kind of clothes” he said pointing at himself.

“This is way better, you should dress like that more.”

He smiled at me shyly putting down his glass and tugged his hands into his pockets.

“I don’t know, Y/N.”

“ But I know. Come on, let’s see what we got here.”

He helped me with math now I helped him with his style. I was right, he had some cool clothes. I picked out some things for him and told him I would pick him up in the morning.

When I got there the next day he was wearing the things we agreed on. He got into my car and seemed quite nervous.

“It’s okay Aaron, you look good!” I encouraged him. I drove to the school and when we got out of the car everyone was watching us. Aaron felt awkward but I wanted him to open up a little bit more so everyone could see how cool he was.

I introduced him to my friends and I got to know his friends. They all were just like Aaron, cool just too shy to show it.

By the end of the day I showed Aaron that if he opens up for other people they will accept him more. After that we got really close with Aaron and I helped his friends too so the other students didn’t see them as a bunch of nerds. They were cool guys and finally everyone could see this.


بديع الزمان أَبُو اَلْعِزِ بْنُ إسْماعِيلِ بْنُ الرِّزاز الجزري‎ [Badi'al-Zaman Abū al-‘Izz ibn Ismā'īl ibn al-Razāz al-Jazarī]; early 14th century treatise on automata; Kitab fi ma'ari-fat al-hiyal al-handasiya (1206 C.E.).

Early 14th century (1315); copied in Egypt; c.1354.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so utterly exhausted by a year, but 2016 has left me drained. Let’s show some appreciation for my wonderful mutuals and non-mutuals who have gotten me through this year  ❥❋ ❥❋ ❥❋ ❥❋ ❥❋

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I love you all so much, and I hope you all have a great holiday and new year! To anybody I may have forgotten, I’m so sorry <3

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