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last year’s math notes! you can really see the progression of my calligraphy :’) see all of the notes in my flipthrough video

hello pals!! this is a masterpost of half (or so) of the reference posts i reblogged/made. i tried uploading this masterpost as just one big masterpost but i had over 250 links so that failed and here i am again. here is part one, encapsulating studying + certain subjects which will be followed by part two (slightly more general) here! enjoy ✨

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Just a lil side note: i almost failed maths in grade 5-8. Now, I’m doing 2 Maths subjects (straight A+’s) and ranked the third highest in my class for the harder maths subject (out of 20 students). You can do anything if you set your mind to it. Be persistent. Happy studying! :)

1. Keep up do date with the class

Even if the teacher doesn’t set homework, there is always an expectation that whatever excercise isn’t finished in class, you do at home! My maths class moves very fast (we do about 3 concepts/excercises each class) and so its crucial that the first thing I do when I get home, is finish off my maths questions! This is particularly important in the learning process, because if you understand it when you learn it, you will be far ahead of anyone else in an upcoming test- all you will need to do is revise!

This means:

- don’t sit next to anyone distracting

- work efficiently in class

- the time that your waste in class, is the time you will have to spend at home

2.  Do ALL the practice questions in your textbook

In my harder maths class, there are about 20 questions per excercise/concept (100+ per chapter) and so we might only get told to do about half of that. But, I strongly reccommend doing all of the questions! It is great practice and really consolidates your learning! 

ALSO, as the questions go on, they tend to get harder. DON’T GIVE UP IF THEY’RE TOO HARD. Ask the teacher’s help, persevere, or look for a video on YouTube. These are the questions that will most likely be in your tests/exams.

If you can do the hardest question, you can most likely do all the questions!

If you get a question wrong, do AT LEAST 5 more of the same style, make sure you know it well!

3. Practice is everything

You cant really study for maths the same way that you might study for science. There is nothing to memorise (apart from formulas, but the best way to remember them is to practice). Studying for maths IS doing practice questions. That’s all there is to it.   

 - listen to some tunes (music with lyrics is fine for maths!)   

 - put on a movie ( just try to not get too distracted)    

- find a comfy space   

 - just start studying.

4. How to study for maths when you’re sick of it all

Humans are creatures of habit. We like routines and we stick to them. BUT, studying maths can become tedious if you are constantly doing the same thing every time.


    - ditch the notebook and pencil. Buy some non-permanent glass markers and do some maths on your windows or mirrors! I do this ALL THE TIME! It’s actually really fun and it makes me feel like Russell Crowe from ‘A Beautiful Mind’ (haha). Alternatively, you could also use a whiteboard if you have one!   

    - study in the library or another part of your house! 

    - buy some different stationery (this is always so fun)

5. For an upcoming test…

  1. do all the chapter review questions in your textbook. These tend to be a compilation of all the most important questions you will need to know. Take your time, don’t give up.
  2. Seek external resources for questions. I own other revision books for maths that isn’t part of my school’s recommended material. These really help when you need more questions to test yourself on.
  3. Do practice papers. THESE ARE CRUCIAL. Most of the time, the material that they test you on will be from past papers, the questions are the same, but they change the numbers!
  4. Take a deep breath. Drink some water. Focus. Time management is the issue for most people (including me :)), so when you feel like a question is too challenging, move on, come back to it when you finish with a fresh mind!
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crazy ex-girlfriend season 2

i’m just a girl in love, i can’t be held responsible for my actions

Monsta X React: Their S/O Putting Their Hands Under Their Shirt



Request: Can I request a monsta x reaction where you always put your hand in/up their top when you’re tired because warmth and shit xx

thIsS is rlly cute !!W1 but i changed it up a little so that it’s a scenario where u see what happens when you do this oNCE

Im sry this ended up being trash


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While you flattened your palm against his abdomen with a quiet sigh of contentment, Hyunwoo was hiding his face in your fluffy hair. His mouth would form into a bashful smile as you then wrapped your arm around his torso, the pads of your fingers digging into his skin while your leg soon curled over his hips. Your head was tucked into the crook of his neck once his rhythmic breathing slowly lulled you to sleep. Hyunwoo felt like his heart was swelling 10x more when you sleepily pressed the tip of your nose against his pulse, your arm absentmindedly tightening around his bare waist. His eyes crinkled when he smiled down at you in a fond way, and he leaned down to print a gentle kiss to the top of your head, wrapping his large hand around your arm to pull it tighter around him; feeling secure with you so close.


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He asked you what you were doing when he felt your hands creeping up and under the hem of sweatshirt, giggling when you touched a ticklish spot on his body. Squirming in your arms, you let out a grumpy whine and rest your cheek on his shoulder, a pout on your face. “Stop moving, you bum.” you had scolded him softly, burying your face against the spot where his shoulder and neck met. Snugly, you wrapped your arms around his waist, under his sweatshirt, your legs sprawled across his lap. Minhyuk didn’t seem to mind this; completely comfortable with you touching his bare skin. As you rested against him, one of his hands came up to brush away the hair from your face, gazing at you with a loving smile. He held you closer once you gave him a small kiss on the side of his neck, the smile on his face growing bigger.


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“No, stop it.” he groaned. You had crawled into bed while Jooheon was taking a nap and had suddenly lifted his hoodie up. Grumbling in protest, he tried pushing your hand away, only to have your arms curled around him the next moment. “I like cuddling you like this.” you said; meek. Once you said that, the annoyed expression on his face left and he let his head fall back onto his pillow with a quiet sigh, his hand moving up to push his fingers through your hair. A smile was forming on your lips when he relaxed underneath you while you pat his bare chest, your eyelids fluttering closed. “It’s a good thing I love you.” he muttered playfully, grinning when you flicked his skin. He held the back of your head with his palm and peppered the crown of your head with kisses, laughing as he squeezed you tight.


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This boy was not impressed. When he felt your hands going up his shirt, he laughed sarcastically, wiggling away from you with his fingers forming an ‘L’ on his forehead. He, wildly, then wagged his finger at you with a grin, watching you sulk. Kihyun admired the way your lips formed into a pout and sympathetically, he pulled you back into his embrace with an eye crinkling smile, cradling your head to his chest. You were too cute when you were tired. Playfully, he kissed the top of your head over and over again until you whacked him to stop. “You’re so silly.” he coos, removing his arms from around you. He guides your hands underneath his shirt to comfort you and his smile grows fonder when you curl your hands into fists against the arch of his back. He ruffles your hair, “Cutie.”


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Hoseok was cooking ramen when you trudged down the stairs sleepily. You had woken up from your nap to the sound of the kitchen fan turning on, and so you went and checked on your boyfriend to see what he was up to. Rubbing your eye with your sleeve, you watched Hoseok hum a song to himself as he began to pour the noodles into the bowl of steaming soup. A smile creeped on your face as the smell of the ramen wafted in your direction and you began walking towards Wonho, humming to yourself. You pressed yourself against his back and slid your hands underneath his white t-shirt, your fingertips lazily trailing over his abdomen before your hands linked together over his torso. Out of surprise, his body arched against your touch, and he put his chopsticks down on his bowl with a curious noise. Looking behind him, he rest his hands on yours, a little smile on his face. “Why hello, sleepy head,” he sings while turning around so he could kiss your forehead, his hands forcing your arms to tighten around his body while he brushed his knuckles against your cheek, “care to join me for lunch?”


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“No thank you.” he says kindly, his hands nudging your arms away from him. Hyungwon wouldn’t be very comfortable with you touching his bare skin when it came to your hands touching his back or his chest; he felt very embarrassed whenever you did that. You let out a groan when he started to shuffle away from you and you grumbled to yourself, rubbing your face. He responded with a sympathetic smile and rubbed the back of his neck before turning around to continue whatever he was doing. He opened the fridge to take out a juice box and you watched him; helpless. You huffed to yourself and went against the thoughts in your head that were telling you not to bug him anymore. Jumping into his back, your hands immediately wandered underneath his sweater; Hyungwon responding by squirming at the touch of your cold skin on his. Biting down the straw of his juice box, he exhaled through his nose and turned around to pet the back of your hand, an awkward smile on his face. He booped the tip of his nose against your forehead and dragged his fingers through your hair, finishing his juice box. “Please just ask next time.”


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Changkyun immediately began to coo when you buried your face against the centre of his chest, your hands slipping under his hoodie so that you could rest your palms on the cool surface of his back. Bashfully, he would hook his chin on the top of your head while wrapping an arm around your shoulders, his other hand rubbing your hip. “I love you too, you butt.” he would say teasingly, only to have you respond by tilting your head to unforgivingly bite his collarbone. That action resulted in him biting you back, a pout on his face. With a grumble, you trailed your fingertips down his spine, your head resting in the crook of his neck. Petting your head, he watched you adoringly, loving the way your eyelashes cast shadows on your cheekbones. “You can touch my abs too.” he wiggled his eyebrows once you looked at him and you smiled, your eyes a little bleary from closing them. “You wish.” you stuck your tongue out at him and he gasped, kissing your forehead with a laugh when you moved your hand to his chest, dragging your palm down his skin playfully. He pinched your hip, “Silly girl.”





Struggling with some homework today, partly because I can never actively listen in lectures, partly because I’ve had barely any sleep this week and partly because the weather is really nice for once and I don’t want to be working. 😢