A bunch of research sketches I did for our FX film Madre (with @mathildejr, @valentine-zhang, @sashakrechman and @cecileguillard). Very honored my teammates wanted to use my character designs!

The film is dropping online later this week! The other groups’ films too, one each day this week, so go check it out on or


This one is to say huge thank you to my lovely teammates @cecileguillard @mathildejr @fanny-hs @valentine-zhang that was such a great experience and fun to work with you. Send you much ❤❤❤ you inspire me ! 🌟✨🌟✨our team film(teaser) is finally out and oh look it’s on youtube


My making-of of our Annecy short Le Serpent Blanc

with the wonderful

@antoine-bonnet @mathildeloubes @mathildejr @carnetvore @mollejames


My Making of for “Le Serpent Blanc” - Annecy 2017
A big thank you to the backstage team - @antoine-bonnet, @mathildeloubes, @mathildejr, @toriknew and @mollejames !

we just finished our FX animation project this week BLESS

this is my favorite shot of the ones I animated

big ol shoutout to our group @valentine-zhang, @cecileguillard, @sashakrechman and @mathildejr (go look at their work, it’s all the, who made this experience as enjoyable as four weeks of stress hell can be <3 <3 <3 thanks for vibin it n keepin it tight, friends

the school’s going to upload all of the groups’ films to Vimeo (at some point???) so I’ll let y’all know whenever that drops, and also I’ll post more shots and production art n all that good stuff