mathilde vachet


I made a color script to help some good friends on a short film project for the open doors days at school. It’s supposed to be epic and kitsch:)

It is the very first time I do a color script and I didn’t expect it to be so fun !:) Was challenging but very interesting to try to be consistent with the evolution of the colors and the intensity, and to find a solution to each problem.

I only did the colors, all the design process has been done by them. Check out their awesome work: Valentine Zhang, Julia Trouvé, Vincent Chansard, Claire Matz, Benjamin Berrebi, Sarah Naciri (noblogyet), Maximilien Angelloz-Nicoud, Valérie Bousquié (noblogyet), Mathilde Vachet

Edit: Sorry for the quality it’s all a bit blurry. If I find a solution I’ll post another version

Here is an animation I started this summer, I wanted to try something different and do a bit more acting.

I was feeling nostalgic about my brother as a kid, and how I used to hold him in my arms all the time. I realised I could remember this feeling like it was yesterday. I might never forget it.

So i felt like animating how we would “hug” today.


Just finished this after-school animation, once again I tried new things, that was a very good challenge !
It was done on TvPaint and the audio is from “The Help”.

And why Nani and Lilo ? Because they’re the best, and I am a big sister too :)

Also : funny thing is, I became completely voiceless the last days I was finishing this lipsynch, I still can’t talk ! I guess it really took all my energy.


Traditional paper lipsynch animation with Smee from “Peter Pan” saying a quote from Smee’s “Hook” :)
Smee is the best <3

And look at him ! 

Too intense for him !

Recently, I finally had time to watch the great tv series “Gravity Falls” and I completely fell in love with it ! I rarely get so attached to tv series characters, but Dipper and Mabel are so adorable, the best twins ever ! I can’t wait for the next episode on tonight !

So of course, I had to animate these two ones :)