mathilde vachet

Here is an animation I started this summer, I wanted to try something different and do a bit more acting.

I was feeling nostalgic about my brother as a kid, and how I used to hold him in my arms all the time. I realised I could remember this feeling like it was yesterday. I might never forget it.

So i felt like animating how we would “hug” today.


Just finished this after-school animation, once again I tried new things, that was a very good challenge !
It was done on TvPaint and the audio is from “The Help”.

And why Nani and Lilo ? Because they’re the best, and I am a big sister too :)

Also : funny thing is, I became completely voiceless the last days I was finishing this lipsynch, I still can’t talk ! I guess it really took all my energy.


Traditional paper lipsynch animation with Smee from “Peter Pan” saying a quote from Smee’s “Hook” :)
Smee is the best <3

And look at him ! 

Too intense for him !

Recently, I finally had time to watch the great tv series “Gravity Falls” and I completely fell in love with it ! I rarely get so attached to tv series characters, but Dipper and Mabel are so adorable, the best twins ever ! I can’t wait for the next episode on tonight !

So of course, I had to animate these two ones :)

Hello everyone !

I finally finished this animation that I started in June, and then I went in holidays and… anyways, it’s finished now !

It is a small tribute to one of my favorite game and tv series “The Ducktales” !!! Last year they remastered the game and the soundtrack and it was the occasion to listen again the great songs of the game.

On youtube you can find really nice covers and reprises made by fans. Enjoy :

…Ducktales ! Whouhou!…