Meeting the New Kid

Anneliese sat on the low brick wall she was so fond of, dark curls hanging in an ivory face. Pushing up her glasses, she shoved a few books to the side, the heavy law textbook landing with a thump. She had seen a new student, and was horribly anxious to meet him.

The Truth.

It was a normal evening, Lars sitting down with his cigarette hanging limply from his lips as he stared at the papers, not really reading them but scanning over them as he sorted out his thoughts. He was a thousand miles away when he heard a series of furious knocks on his door and the sound of muffled yells for his name. It sounded familiar… but he wasn’t expecting anybody tonight. Only one person would show up like this. He stubbed out the cigarette in the tray, the smell of smoke lingering in the room before getting up to open the door before the man knocked it down.