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The Reward music: Sky High by Mathias Winum. - Sun Creature Studio.

Made as an upgrade to the original The Reward song.



Something is going on in Wilhelm and Vito’s friendship today.

It’s the second part of Wilhelm’s Curse where we follow Vito and Wilhelm from The Reward again. They are older and have been questing for many years. Wilhelm is a vampire and together with the druid girl Amerath, they seek a cure. Turn on some candles and enjoy the newest Tale of Alethrion.

In this episode we put in an epic disco song sung by Mathias Winum. First montage with actual singing.

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Amerath and Alethrion on their love montage. Enjoy this Track from the OST of “The First Hero” episode from our Tales of Alethrion series. Composed by Mathias Winum and Johan Petersen.  


2nd Experiment for “Tales of Alethrion” The Bard sings
hope you like it…. stay tuned for more experiments based on the series to come

Composition: Mathias Winum and Johan Petersen
Vocals and Percussion: Mathias Winum
Guitars: Johan Petersen

“As the Two heroes stop for the night, the elder bard Elias Silvertonque joins the camfire. "Tell me about your journey, share a meal with me and I shall tell you about the curse of the Nightflower witches”
Thank you, you are very kind!

Willow Nightflower once told me about her family curse.

I never knew my father. Me and my little sister Blaze lived In the woods with my mother who was gifted with powers that were strange and unlike the magic of mages. We learned about the ways of the forest, the circle of life and were taught to help any creature in need, were it humanoid, plant or animal. A little cottage in the middle of the forest was my home until my 9th winter. I remember the day clearly; it was a blizzard in midst of January when a small band of gypsies came knocking on our door. I opened the door and two men carrying a young man practically fell inside the opening and an older woman carrying a 3 year old child tumbled in behind them. They were obviously very sick and hungry. Mother had taught us the symptoms of many deceases? and the big black boils on their throats were clearly the work of the black death. Mother cured their wounds and decease, and they rested in our cottage a few days. In these days my mother fell in love with the young man, Alfredo. And when they were well enough to move on, my mother packed our things and told us that we were to travel with them.
So from that day on we travelled with the gypsies, adapting to their ways of making a living. Mother, my sister and I made potions and elixirs and sold them on our journeys. Mother got into that whole fortune telling business. Alfredo died shortly after my mother joined them, a strange decease took him away from my mother when she was pregnant with his child.My mother was very sad for a while but seemed to accept his death with a frightening determination and for a long time we lived a good life.
For 9 years I was among the gypsies until my 18th birthday. My mother came to me that morning explaining that I was strong enough to make it on my own. She gave me a long speech about experiencing the suffering of other people on my own body to be able to help them. She also told me that I was a descendent of a 5000 year old line of witches, and that it had been her duty to prepare me for this day. It had allways been a custom in our family to start adulthood by leaving everything behind on the 18th birthday. The story of our curse was much worse to accept and I listened in horror to my mothers words.
She quickly checked the windows in our wagon and turned to me again “My dear child, this might be a hard one to swallow” she took a deep breath and began speaking in a serious tone “The Nightflower women only give birth to female babies and if an Nightflower woman finds true love with a man, he will die tragically.” Her face darkened “Not a thing that is easy to accept if you continue on the good path. But not all of the Nightflowers are good doers, you know, some chose the evil path of our patrons… but it is natural… this balance MUST be kept in place.” The last words were almost hissed, her eyes turned black and the room span for a brief moment, like a whirlwind passing. Then she continued, the room humming at the deep pitch of her voice “ Once every 500 years a male warlock is born into the family. It is the work of an evil patron… he will be an abomination, demon possessed and therefor evil at heart. He is called to life to tip the balance and therefore must be destroyed, and banished from this plane… The time for his arrival is getting close and we must be ready”

Aye… this she told me, so be carefull if you ever com across a Nightflower

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The Musicians behind The Reward. Also check out the newest music theme for Alethrion here.

In the beginning of October we will reveal the first minute of The Reward: Tales of Alethrion. Stay tuned :)


Tales of Alethrion Opening Theme: “Sky High”

The series Tales of Alethrion of course needs an opening song! You see many of the characters whom you can vote into the series here on this Kickstarter. The song is made by our musicians Mathias Winum and Johan Petersen. Enjoy!

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