mathews legacy

Texas 1: Riley bro-zones Lucas after finding out Maya has feelings for him.
Texas 2: Still bro-zoned. Lucaya almost kiss
Texas 3: Riley reveals to Farkle she still has Lucas feels. Lucaya goes on two dates in one day.
New Years: Lucas get a smidge jealous during the Couples Game but also doesn’t actually speak to Riley the entire party. Riley watches the Lucaya rooftop scene. Farkle blabs, cue cliffhanger.

If these eps are part of what the writers consider to be big Rilucas episodes, then I think it’s safe to say they are not talking about Riley and Lucas in a romantic ship kind of way. But just the relationship between them in general.

And if Legacy (formerly known as Graduation) is part of that list, then I highly doubt they’re going to revert to romantic Rilucas. I think that episode being big for them means they’ll finally be to talk and figure things out (friendship). And even though that’s not romantic, it’s definitely would make it a big episode for them.

•his voice
•his voice. Damn.
“I thought we were just friends.” -Riley
•looks at Maya
“We’re not.” -Lucas
•looks at Riley, “we’re no good at it.” -Lucas
“We can’t even look at eachother anymore.” -Lucas
•looks at Maya; “I don’t need any note cards to know that we have different feelings now.” -Lucas
•this is emotional. •I am emotional.
•anyone else notice how quiet Farkle is? :(


I love GM Father because it doesn’t show Cory just only as Riley’s father, but as Maya’s father also, Cory as the father figure that Maya has and later also shares this role with Shawn. Sometimes I can be more optimistic than Riley and think in a future when Maya can live harmoniously with her father and his family. Yes, this episode made me almost cry when Cory announces the last dance and Maya’s reaction to everything that was happening.

Girl Meets World rant

I can understand if you’re frustrated that your ship has a possibility of not happening or become canon but singling out Riley for her feelings for Lucas and making her the villain is not fair. Like I have seen some people keep saying how they want Riley to accept Lucas and Maya and be happy for them…if that is the case then why should that not be expected of Maya? Why do you feel like Maya should not have to handle it the same way? This brings me to the unfair favoritism between the two girls and peoples true colors are starting to show. 

If you follow my blog you know that i’m indifferent to Lucaya and could care less about Rucas HOWEVER I want everyone to be happy and if being with Lucas makes Riley happy then so be it and if Lucas wants to be with Riley then that needs to be accepted and people need to let it go. Maya is beautiful and she will meet someone else. She wants Riley to be happy just like Riley wants her to be happy.

Just because I ship Zayley and Riarkle does not mean i’m going to fault Lucas solely for it not happening. I’m not going to right paragraph on paragraph about how selfish he is for following his heart. I understand people want to protect Maya and she does need to be protected but at the same exact time DO NOT act as if her feelings for Lucas are stronger than Riley’s because nobody knows that and i’d say they both feel the same,

People say that Maya stepped back and she should not of had too which I agree but she did let Riley develop feelings for Lucas instead of pulling her aside and letting her know what was up, I can guarantee you Riley would’ve instead backed away or stepped back away from him for her.

They are all responsible in a way for this love triangle because of the lack of communication on ALL parts but why is RILEY ALWAYS the one that has to get the short end of the stick and blamed because with that logic shouldn’t Lucas be blamed as well….?

I’m tired of the argument that Riley is a bad friend or the other woman and it’s her fault for Lucaya not happening or that girl code does not apply to Maya but it all of a sudden applies to Riley because again with THAT logic then it should apply to Maya as well….do you now see how stupid that sounds?

At the end of the day they are all young and learning and allowed to go through things and make mistakes whether Rucas works out in the end or not don’t hold unfair standards for one girl and not for the other because that’s one sided and not fair at all, i’m gonna need some of this fandom to grow up.

Do like forces repel?

So anti-rucas shippers use the “like forces repel” argument (understandably) because of this following dialogue.

Farkle: “Yup. That makes us even more alike that we were. And as we both know…”

Smackle: “Like forces repel. Yes, science says we may never be together.”

Farkle: “And science never makes a mistake.”’

Also because Zay and Maya say Lucas and Riley are just like each other. people believe that the above context can be applied to Lucas and Riley.

Remember, the writers never have the characters say just anything, everything affects the story.I’m not going to take much time on this because I think the following speaks for itself..

I have a theory that Smackle will break up with Farkle because she notices his feelings for Riley. And that’s when he will come to realization and tell Riley in Ski Lodge, where we find out it’s no longer a triangle. Maybe idk?