mathew webb

Bunny’s Prank Delights Co-Workers

Harold and Charlie were just two pals having a good time.

“Charlie would wrap Harold’s desk in aluminum foil, Harold would hide Charlie’s stapler,” says Mathew Webb, a colleague. “It was all fun and games.”

That is until “The Cup Prank,” a bit of tomfoolery that will live in infamy, according to their friends and co-workers.

“Harold put some kale at the bottom of a narrow cup and left it on Charlie’s desk. And Charlie loves kale,” Webb explains. “He loves it a little too much, considering it’s kale. Anyway, Charlie couldn’t resist, so he dives in. Next thing you know, his face is stuck, and everyone’s cracking up. Except Charlie, of course. It took him 20 minutes to get that thing off, on account of not having hands or fingers.”

Via EngVagabond.