mathew santos

Six seasons down, I need a short break before I start the seventh and final. I’m actually burnt out by the end of that season. That was some intense TV. I mean, I kinda figured Santos was gonna take the Democratic nomination (since he’s been in the credits for ages now, and Russell wasn’t), but I honest to God did not expect them to offer Leo the ticket… or for him to accept.

You know what the worst thing is? It’s only as he’s gotta older that I realised that Charlie Young is the dude from Psyc. Gus I think his name is? I’ve only seen a few episodes, and that was years ago. 

But okay, okay, there’s one season left. I don’t know what they’ve got in store for us, but I swear on all that is unholy, this is their last chance to make Josh/Donna happen. They best not disappoint me. I don’t want this to be another show that teases a couple all the way through, and then fails to pull the trigger. I actually think it might ruin the whole experience for me.

Tomorrow. Tomorrow begins season 7.