mathew morgan

- Why did you stop loving life?

- “You don’t love life itself. You love places, animals, people, memories, food, literature, music. And sometimes you meet someone who requires all the love you have to give. And if you lose that someone, you think everything else is gonna stop too. But everything else just keeps on going.”

Open Your Eyes

I’m trying to ease myself back into writing so please bare with me. They’ll most likely be horrible for the time being hahaha. I might make this a short multi chapter story….we’ll see how it goes♡


“This case is killing me.” You mindlessly whisper to no one in particular.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” Spencer asks quietly.

You look up from the case file in your hand and focus your gaze on him. You hadn’t realized everyone was stating at you and it made you uncomfortable suddenly. You’d never felt that around them before and you knew they saw the discomfort no matter how quickly you covered it up.

“Yeah Spence I’m fine.” You reply cautiously. You clear your throat and nod, this time adding a little oomph in your answer, “I’m okay, seriously.”

You stand and walk toward the board as you try to piece it all together without the missing pieces you’d not yet found. 3 girls from different schools wound up dead, their bodies entangled together in a triangle formation, but there was no connection between the 3. Not even mutual friends. It seemed borderline cult like but that didn’t sit well with you. You believed it was something else…you just weren’t sure what.

Sighing heavily you back away and glance at the time. Hotch regarded you carefully before clearing his throat and gathering everyone’s attention, “How about we call it a night and go get dinner together?”

It wasn’t often he suggested work family dinners when out on cases so you knew you weren’t the only one struggling with this case. Derek and Spencer agreed and JJ and Emily were already talking about where to eat. Rossi stood by Hotch seemingly having a random conversation but from the occasional glance overs you knew you were the choice of topic.

You grabbed your bag and slung it over your shoulder as Spencer caught yours, and everyone else’s attention, “Um…are you coming Y/N?”

“Um I’ll…"You watched as his shoulders lumped slightly alongside everyone else’s and changed your mind, "Yeah I’m coming. I just want to get changed out of these clothes.”

Spencer smiled and stood, “I’ll walk you back to-”

“Oh no Spence it’s okay. The walk to my room isn’t far. I’ll just meet you guys in the lobby.” You state before walking out of the room. Everyone stared after you wondering what it was about this case that was haunting you along with how you couldn’t see the straws Spencer was grasping at with you.

You slid your room key in the door and dumped your bag by the stand. Closing it behind you you walked into your room and slumped onto the bed wanting to curl up and go to sleep. You knew if you did that though the team would be up here guns blazing.

You stood and decided on a quick shower. You stripped and winced as you caught your reflection. You hated what you saw no matter how irrational and harsh you knew you were being. Hopping into the shower you closed your eyes as the water cleansed the day off of you. The smell of shampoo and condition permeating the steamy air. Turning the water onto cold you felt the sudden shock your body went through before adjusting to the new temperature. You started this habit 3 years ago and yet it shocked you every time.

Shutting off the water you got out and wrapped a towel around you tightly before rifling through your bad for something to wear. You had dresses to choose from or jeans and shirts…but you settled on tights and a large grey hoodie paired with flat ankle boots. Wasn’t exactly the prettiest thing but you couldn’t be bothered. Throwing your wet hair into a messy bun and coating your lips with balm you grabbed a small bag with your credentials and other necessities and made your way to the lobby.

The first person you saw was Derek and a lump formed in your throat. Derek calculated your every move. He’d clocked onto you the second you walked out of the elevator. He watched as you dragged your feet closer to him and the hard swallow as you saw him. Any other time Derek would be a little offended but this time…this time he was worried. You’d never regarded anyone in this team the way you’d be doing all day. Just as you reached Derek he saw another pair of eyes calculating your every move and Derek couldn’t help but feel bad and protective.

“Hey pretty girl. You ready for some much needed food?” Derek asks casually. Genuinely.

“Yeah, actually, I am. I’ve heard their prawn cocktails are something to die for!” You say happily before realizing your words. A sinking feeling settled in your stomach so you tried to correct yourself, “I mean…I’ve heard they’re the best in the country so…so yeah…”

Derek frowned and placed a hand on your shoulder, “Pretty girl…what’s going on in the head of yours?”

“What? Nothing! I’m just…” Your words fell off as you watched Derek raise an eyebrow at you completely unconvinced that everything was fine, “I’m just a little tired and this case is proving to be more and more difficult.”

“Alright!” The sound of Rossi’s voice boomed and gave you the biggest fright you’d had in a while and it made you jump. Derek threw an arm around your shoulders and pulled you close.

“I’ve got you. Don’t worry, we’ll find the guy.” Derek tried reassuring you.

You nod and let him lead you to the table. Everyone orders and chats as you sink further and further into your chair. You couldn’t help but think about the case. There was something you were missing and you felt as if the answer was dangling right in your face but you couldn’t grasp it long enough to make sense of it.

Spencer clears his throat and raises his glass as he smiles at everyone. When his eyes settle on you, he begins to speak, “I just want to propose a toast. To the best of best friends anyone could ever have!”

And your stomach twisted something chronic as everyone made a round of, “Cheers!”

You stood, wobbling at the knees. You heard everyone calling your name and asking what was wrong but you kept walking away. You couldn’t forget this. Not this. You were so close! You found yourself standing at your door and finally got the door open as you ran for the case file. You pulled out the papers regarding the 3 dead girls and wrote the names of their best friends on a spare white board you had.

You hadn’t realized the team standing in your room watching as you frantically write down names and dates and circle 3 new names. You pick up your phone and dial Garcia on her personal number. After a few rings the line opens, “The great and almighty…blah blah…you know the rest. Y/N why are you waking me from my beauty sleep? It better be good. Oooh! Is it Spencer?”

You scrunched your face up in confusion. Spencer sighed and the rest of the team looked around awkwardly. You turned around and faced them before turning back and asked Garcia a few questions, “Is there any connection between the 3 girls best friends? And if so what is it?”

“Um good question girl genius.” You hear her tapping away and just as a yawn sneaks up on you she answers, “There…is. Wow Y/N how did you think of that one?”

“It was something Spencer said at dinner. How are they connected?” You say absent-minded. The girls being connected was a good place to start. Maybe they could recount the night the girls went missing and you could find some of the pieces you were missing.

You and Spencer had dinner together?! Well it was about damn-

“Team dinner. You weren’t invited.” You joke before she could go any further with her sentiment.

“Oh….oh right. Well, these girls met at a club. Hmm….that’s strange.” Garcia says as she types faster than you could keep up, “Oh this is not good…this is so not good…”

“What is it?” Hotch says making you jump. A hand descends on your back and you take note of who it is immediately. You give Spencer a grateful smile before waiting for Garcia answer.

“Boss man! Well according to these later dated Facebook statuses that the youth of today deem important…these 3 girls use to be the targets of mass bullying. As soon as they met their respective best friends, bless their souls, they shot up to popularity and was never the brunt of someone’s bullying ever again. Before that though they met regularly at a place called-”

“Marios?” You ask timidly.

“Yes. How you know?” Garcia asks. The team stood and watched you closely. The way you wrapped your arms around you as you tried to shrink into yourself.

“I-I used to go there as a teenager.” You say sadly, “Thanks P.”

“No problem girl genius. You should really ask Spen-” You ended the call. This wouldn’t end well. You knew that place and you knew what happened there all those years ago. This is why you were feeling off this entire case. Why everything felt like a story you’d forgotten about and couldn’t remember.

“Y/N?” Spencer asks softly. You turn to him as tears form. He goes to reach for you buy you step back and hold your hand out to push him back. Everyone stares at you worried.

“I know what’s happening.” You say as as tear falls, “I know because….because it’s happened before. And I was a part of it.”


I am in a fandom where two different ships (at least I hadn’t have any trouble with any NatePat shipper and I am Norgan Shipper) can get alone and live together in harmony cAN SOMEBODY GIVE THEM AN AWARD PLEASE LIKE FUCKING NOW!!!!