mathew morgan

“the suspect has to be a guy , the short brown hair and the force brought to the victims head indicate he was a body builder”
You chuckle , “that was sexist Spencer , I think the suspects a girl. Women can have short hair , and there was chips of paint found imbedded in the victims skin that I think could be nail polish.” You shoot back
“ It’s 2017 y/n , men can wear nail polish , and that doesn’t cover the body builder fact.” Spencer says , deeply offended you opposed him.
“ Yes but this murder looks deeply planned out , this murderer is smart and wouldn’t wear anything that would point him out , men wearing nail polish , stands out. And I’m a body builder Spencer , women can be body builders too”
“Wow boy genius just got out smarted” Morgan says in disbelief

Criminal Minds is very emotional for me

When Elle left, I cried. When Jason left, I cried. When Haley died, I cried. When JJ was pregnant I cried. When anyone on the team cried/cries, I cry (especially Spencer). When Derek “died”, I cried. When Jason died, I cried. When Emily “died” I cried. The BAU is also my family in a way and I cry. A lot. Over a TV show.


requested: sorry if this isn’t great this is 2am ramblings and I haven’t watched Criminal Minds for a while 

Dating Spencer Reid would include:

  • being apart of the BAU
  • which would strengthen your relationship as you’re not always separated 
  • him being exceptionally over-protective of you 
  • like trying to keep you at the station as opposed to in the field 
  • being a secret to begin with 
  • as you’re unsure if the rest of the team will allow it (also bc you’re breaching regulations) 
  • being just as concerned for Spencer 
  • calling him Spence 
  • being absolutely astounded by his eidetic memory and just how intelligent he is 
  • and jealous of his ability to read so fast
  • when you first start at the BAU feeling quite inferior to him due to his knowledge 
  • Spencer bringing you coffee or hot chocolate every morning 
  • Hotch supporting the two of you
  • wearing his glasses 
  • always fixing up his tie
  • loving his apartment bc you’re surrounded by books 
  • Spencer loving how determined you get on cases 
  • it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in the BAU he feels so proud when you work something out 
  • going to the shooting ranger together and practicing
  • running your fingers through his hair to hep him get to sleep 
  • loving the way he is with JJ’s kids
  • cuddling. a lot. 
  • if you fall asleep on the couch always waking to find a blanket covering you 
  • Spencer always kissing you on the cheek 
  • loving how passionate he gets about things and just staring at him as he rambles on 
  • so much sass and sarcasm between you, Garcia and Derek 
  • babysitting JJ’s children with Spencer 
  • when you’re at home, Spencer always walks up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist
  • both of you being quite shy when you first start dating 
  • Spencer always having to drag you out of bed before getting a warm beverage into you