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Hey, it’s Jay! I made quite a few imagines and stuff so I’m gonna put them all here. I know it’s not much but some people have been asking me to link stuff so here. It’ll be in my bio and I really hope you keep requesting stuff for me to write so I can keep updating this. I love this blog and I love you all. :’)

Key For Warnings:


Marvel Universe

Peter Parker:

Litlle Things Headcanons

Bucky Barnes:

I Love You

Steve Rodgers:

100 Days of Coffee

Stranger Things

Jonathan Byers:

The Football Game Pt. 1 Pt. 2

First Time Headcanons*

The Outsiders:

Ponyboy Curtis:

Adventure Can Be Anywhere 

Sodapop Curtis:

Burning Memories

Johnny Cade:

You Make Me Nervous