mathew crowley

Random Downton Abbey Thoughts


I identify with Edith so much.

Sybil and Mathew were one of the most saddest TV demises I’ve ever seen. I literally went through the five stages of grief in like 7 days lol. Rage lasted the longest.

Apparently, the reason Sybil and Mathew died is because the actors wanted to leave? Which is weird to me like, in America when a show gets popular the actors are contracted? And how selfish to leave a show when you’re in a main character? The offers for jobs will still be there after Downton if not even better than you just jumping the gun and ruining everything. The Brits are truly savage.

I really cannot stand Mr. Carson. He’s such a judgmental person; always inflicting shame on people without knowing their full story and then has too much pride to apologize.

Still waiting for some Thomas romance.

I have this crippling feeling that soon we will see Downton’s demise. I bet even the characters feel it too. They’re holding on so tightly but… 😔😔 it can’t last forever and I’m already crying about it.


I wish we could see more of the sisterhood development between Mary and Edith. Even with Sybil, they kind of just dropped it.

I am literally obsessed with the 1800s and 1900s now.

I want my own estate.

But no James and O'Brien of course; savages.

Poor Ana

Poor Thomas

Poor Ethel, that was really sad. She was treated so terribly. To me, that was the saddest story line that didn’t involve death.

I also sometimes get really frustrated with everyone on the show for STILL putting up with the elitism and vertical equality. They KNOW that they are more than just Lords vs. Servants. Sometimes I get he feeling they are family and perhaps they feel it too but they just meticulously reject it and it’s so sad. Why else to the Granthams go crazy when one of the usual employees is in trouble. To me, it’s more than just kindness. I hope one day the servants get treated to true honor by the family because that’s what they are really: an extended family. They deserve that. But I guess that’s not historically accurate 😕