mathew clark


“DEADSET” a film By Elvis Di Fazio inspired by the Australia day Celebrations Here in Sydney.

Mathew Clarke & Leeroy Destruction
D.O.P : Elvis Di Fazio
Photographer’s Assist :Fadi Kazmuz

Music / Sound:
Audio sample from an outtake filming Ryan Ward for CRUNK SOCIETY  by Elvis Di Fazio
Nature Sounds from the album “Favourite Australian Birdsong”
Thunderstruck By AC/DC
Down Under By Men at Work

Owen Mercer, Boomer, Captian Boomerang II, he is the son of the original Captain Boomerang (George “Digger” Harkness) and Meloni Thawne, making him the half-brother of Bart Allen (Kid Flash) and Thadeus Thawne (Inertia); and two of his ancestors are Professor Zoom and Cobalt Blue the twin brother of Barry Allen.

by Mathew Clark

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