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The Outsiders as real quotes from people I go to school with...
  • Ponyboy: "when I stepped out, into the cold wind, from the odd warmth of the school... I had only two things in my mind. A jacket and a ride home."
  • Johnny: "please... don't... talk to me... ever..."
  • Dallas: "I'm not a tease, I'm a natural, sexual, flirt."
  • Two-bit: "after four years of this hell hole I finally know enough al-gee-braah to hit the poles."
  • Steve: "if you think I won't eat all five of these candy bars before lunch you're wrong."
  • Sodapop: "Fuck this," *slams school computer shut* "I'm pretty."
  • Darry: "I've been teaching for more than ten years and I'm pretty sure this is the weirdest request I've gotten."
  • Tim: "it's supposed to smell like smoke, not Cotten candy."
  • Angela: "if anyone ask, those aren't my nudes."
  • Curly: "no one gives a shit, the janitor caught me smoking weed in the bathroom, she just sprayed some Febreeze and walked out."
  • Cherry: "Yes, I'm a real ginger. Yes, I do steal souls." *points at freckle* "this one is yours."
  • Marcia: "I'm not a lesbian I just really like your boobs."
  • Bob: "That's my pube, give it back!"
  • Randy: "he might smell bad but he's pretty cool."
25 Dialogue Prompts!

Send me a number and a character or ship! If you want to be more specific send me a little detail like “fluff” or “play fight”.

1. (For the wizards out there) “Scared, (characters name)?”

2. “Let’s not-” “Lets yes!”

3. “Are you wearing makeup?”

4. “Hold my (request an object).”

5. Sarcastically “just a normal day.”

6. “Ignorant ass!”

7. “I love your dimples.”

8. “I love your freckles.”

9. “I will stab you.”

10. “Nice to meet you, I’m you’re future

11. “Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cause I can seem myself in your pants.”

12. “I shaved my legs for this!”

13. “Did he/she/it hit you?”

14. “You were jumped?”

15. “Will you help me with this problem?” (School based, doesn’t matter if the character is actually in school or not)

16. Modern! “I follow your tumblr!”

17. Wiccan/Witchcraft based “you won’t turn me into a frog right?”

18. “Smoking is bad for you, ya know.”

19. “She/he/it has got spunk!”

20. Ironically “yeah, super tuff.”

21. “Ready to rumble?”

22. “If you think I won’t eat all of this you’re wrong.”

23. “You seriously just got out of jail, man.”

24. “How in the hell did you break your arm?”

25. “I’ve never seen you in a dress before…”

-feel free to repost and get request of your own-

The whole World League campaign gathered in just one game, how difficult was it to bear that enormous pressure of a must-win match?

It was really difficult. We had a nice advantage before coming to Belgrade. We needed only couple of sets to qualify, but we were not focused enough in the first match. If we had won it, we could have rested some players in the second game, but we failed. Luckily, our team chemistry is excellent and we stayed together, kept fighting for every point and at the end collected a very important team victory.”